questionshow many people use a handheld mouse?


I use the Logitech MX1100 Wireless Laser. Insanely great. It's pricey $75 new, but you can find them at dented for $40, or right now has it Open Box for $32. Highly recommend.


I'm not looking for any ordinary mouse, I'm looking for a HANDHELD mouse. Kind of like that nunchuck for the Wiimote.


There you go. or, alternatively, if you want a serious response, you can use any Trackball mice, which you can hold anywhere and move the cursor with a ball embedded in the mouse.


I kinda agree with Zippy, but I think some people were confused on the point of what you mean by 'handheld'.

I agree with xandertrax that a trackball is a good alternative to a conventional mouse, especially if you're using a laptop in bed frequently or on a surface where a normal mouse doesn't detect or lay flat.


@xandertrax: My apologies to you. I apparently clicked on your How To Geek link and when I returned to my computer later to read it, I included it in my answer to the @zzzaap question. I didn't realize my error until after posting my answer with additional suggestions. Again, my apologies for appropriating your very interesting and worthy discovery.


I use a Gyration brand gyroscopic handheld mouse and remote keyboard as the remote controls for the laptop I have hooked to the big screen TV in the living room. It's the only one with a long enough range for the job, supposedly 30' range, works great at about 10-15' in my living room. I got my first one on Woot, and subsequent ones from private sellers on EBay.


I tried a handheld, but it kept squeaking and trying to run away. I keep a cord on it now.