questionscan you help me find a cheap fm transmitter for…


I hate you. There's no old country music around here. I love country music.


Forgot to mention: Traveling over long distances, it gets annoying changing stations in a metro radio filled environment. But I don't think you'll have that problem...


@coolphilip04: I like country as well, to a certain extent, but I can only hear so many songs about lovin your sweetheart and her leaving you before I have to change the station.

@jsoko: thanks a lot. The reviews seem a little mixed, but for only about $20, it seems like it's worth it.

It is still there but the coupon is expired. I have one. It surprised me as you can place a SD card or USB jump drive or 3.5mm cable into it. I am not sure what your iPhone needs. It came with a remote with a digital tuner.

Do not get a FM transmitter without a digital tuner, the stations never come in just right.


Does the car have a tape player? If so I'd suggest a tape player adapter:
In my experience they work a lot better and are a lot cheaper. I can never get the FM transmitters to not have a lot of static. Also, if you have an aux port, you could just use an aux cable.


@adam113089: No cassette player in any of the cars. Some of them have an aux port, but not all of them do, so FM is the only option that works for all the different vehicles I have to drive


maybe you can have a try with Bluetooth car kit & MP3 drahtlos FM Transmitter 2 in 1 quite practical


The best Fm transmitter for the best price is
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