questionscan't locate hp computer desktop quad core and 8…


You won't get far with only a centibit of RAM.


Ok...[sigh] do I phrase this...
What does that even mean? I assume you are looking for an hp computer. I am going to presume that you are not part of a shill question because they are usually a little better [be it heavy handed] phrased.
So lets start with hello and welcome to Deals.Woot. This is a deals aggrigate {sp?} site. People that are part of the community (and recently people who think slamming the site with ads is a good idea) post deals that they find through out the internet. We ask questions from time to time and even post challanges. We also add context to our questions. Their are many grammar and spelling nazishere that correct you out of community love (right everyone¡) So if you have a question on a certain deal, post it in that deal. If you are looking for a certain product, use the search bar. If you have a question about how to post deals ask using your best english (be up from if it is not native). Then after all that try posting this question again. :)


Did you look behind the couch?