questionsto dvr or not to dvr?


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So it really depends if you really need these features. If you think you can live without it, just save your money!

What sucked for us is that my parents changed their minds with the number of receivers we ordered and they changed their minds again once the cable guy was in our home, but we'd have to pay extra (that what was once free before the guy came) for the receiver my parents took out from the initial order. Just saying though. So one of our TVs ended up as standard definition (which looks so crappy now from watching HD) without the DVR functions.


We just switched to DirectTV back in June and it automatically came with the HD DVR.

To be honest, it really depends what your needs are. If theres a show you really want to watch but you won't be home (ie: sports games, movies, tv shows etc) then that's one point for the DVR. Another good point for the DVR is that you can pause and rewind on the show you're watching (could only rewind to the point where you switched to the channel unless it was already pre-recording). Pretty cool if you want to watch an instant replay of something funny/interesting that just happened on TV (you could google/youtube examples). With DirectTV you could also schedule the DVR to record a show from your smartphone. Also with directTV you could also view and record shows from other TVs in the house (as long as you have the proper receivers).

That's pretty much it with the DVR. The only complaint I have is that with 300 hours of DVR time, it could barely record like 10 episodes of the Olympics.


MY problem with DVR is I can't figure how to get shows off my Direct TV DVR box.


@baqui63: And the plus of banking for a marathon is for new shows. Wait until you know it won't be cancelled mid-season, then enjoy your show knowing it's actually worth it.


Find out how much your cable company charges for a CableCard - with one of those, you can get your own DVR and save on monthly fees. Yes, it might cost more up-front, but you'll own it.



I almost never watch shows live anymore, as it makes more sense to wait for enough of the show to be recorded that commercials can be skipped without having to wait, for example, about 17.5 minutes for an hour long show. (My DVR setup processes shows once they are recorded and marks where commercials are located so they can (usually) be skipped with a single buttonpress... before the shows are processed, I can skip forward in 30-second jumps.)


@baqui63: I would also like to add, I do not need to be in front of my TV when the show is aired. I can wait, I can watch it live (once you get DVR you may never do that again).


@driley1974: I agree with baqui63. your reasoning is one of the reasons I got my DVR and it was the sole reason I was able to convince my wife we needed it. She got tired of having to plan schedules around shows we wanted to watch so now we DVR everything and watch it all on the weekends. It's worked out great!!



Funny, but your reasoning (TV just isn't that important to me) is one of my reasons for using a DVR, probably second to stripping out commercials, which is my main reason by far.

So much of the time, I'll "bank" episodes of a show and watch it as a marathon near or after the end of the season, either during bad weather or when I'm home sick or cannot sleep or traveling but not doing the driving.


I say NO DVR. I personally refuse to let TV be that important in my daily life. If I can't watch it then I will either watch it when it comes on again (if it does) or I just miss it. Although, I know people who DVR just so that they can FF thru the commercials.


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@jnissel: That's a good point. If they want your business bad enough they'll negotiate. my DirecTv contract just expired and I told them I was consdiering switching to UVerse. I got them to take $30 off my bill for the first 12 months then $10 off for the next 12 months after that, and they threw in six months of Starz and Showtime as well.


@rprebel, @first2summit:

Except that an hour of TV is rarely more than 42.5 minutes, so your numbers need a bit of adjustment (figure on 29-30% crap)..


For $11 more a month (and it is probably more than that after taxes), I'd say build your own DVR. I've been using home built DVRs for over a decade (maybe over 15 years).

I can strip the commercials out of what I record or just mark it and then skip over the commercials with a signle button press.

If I want to put the video I've recorded on my phone or tablet or give it to my daughter, I can. My firends who have FIOS and other DVRs have all sorts of PITA restrictions on what they can do.


While I would like to have a DVR, I don't see me using it enough to justify the price. As was mentioned before, it will be available soon/instantly over the interwebz. @rprebel: I still can't get the danged picture-imbedding thing right on DW. Any easy instructions?


I think you can get a deal, from your cable company, for that DVR, if you push hard enough. I have had deals, several times, that gave me 2 HD DVRs free for a year.


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@first2summit: lol I just realized that, so I hit F5 to see if anybody called me on it. You win!


@rprebel: That's 3.5 hours.

2hours/day = 14 hours of TV/week. 15 min of each hour is commercials so 1/4 of the time is commercials, so 14 hours * .25 = 3.5 hours.


If you watch 2 hours of TV per day, in one week you'll have 7 hours of extra time from skipping commercials. Fifteen minutes of every hour of TV is ads. A DVR is like AdBlock+ for your TV. That's how much better it makes the experience.


Over the past several years I've always had my DVR and used it very often up until recently. After my move I decided to go without the DVR option with my Cable/Internet bundle and I can honestly say that I haven't really missed it. If TV shows are missed I can typically find them online usually free of charge after a certain amount of time, sometimes even instantly. If I miss sporting events I will usually just go online and check the box score and then watch any highlights or read articles on the event. While yes it was convenient at the time to be able to save all of these in one location saving upwards of $100+ a year was worth it in my opinion.


I've always used a computer as a DVR. Windows 7 Media Center is pretty awesome for that task. However, I haven't had cable since Comcast started encrypting channels, necessitating the use of a DTA or cablecard. Probably isn't really prudent anymore if only looking for straight-up DVR service. However, if you're technically inclined enough to benefit from the flexibility a computer provides, then it's worth consideration.


Absolutely without question, yes, get the DVR. It's worth the money to be able to skip commercials alone. And can you even put a price on the ability to pause your TV so you can answer the phone or go to the bathroom?