questionsanybody want some advice for people who bought…


Love it. Great advice...if only it worked in all aspects of our lives. You know, political promises, singles profiles, ect. ;)


saw it on CNBC tonight, "crime inc.". Guy ordered beats by dre for his son, they turned out to be counterfeits, and he called monster to confirm they were fake/real.

After being told they're fake, he got his money back from his credit card. I figured that by going through your CC company, everyone can play a part in shutting down the counterfeiters. And get a little freebie for yourselves.


Best advice I can give? Craigslist, cash only.


@curtisuxor: Is that advice for sellers or for consumers. Good luck getting your money back on counterfeit items if you pay with cash


Why anyone would buy any Monster product, real or fake, is a mystery to me.


@tsfisch: In all fairness, the quality of monster's products and the Beats by Dre line is decent enough, they're just overpriced for what they are. If people are stupid enough to pay full retail, let them. I feel the same way about people who buy prada, gicci, etc. Sure, those are typically quality products as well, but they're also way overpriced and commonly counterfeited.


I once bought a Fred Perry shirt on eBay, and when it came I realized it was a fake. I contacted the seller and told them I wanted a refund. They refused unless I ship it back at my expense. When I did the dispute, PayPal first said I needed to abide by the seller terms and ship it back at my expense. I told them I wouldn't pay to ship back fake goods. I paid for something, and didn't get it. It's insane to think I'd pay a penny.

Ultimately, PayPal paid me the money to ship it back. They said they can't confirm if it's a fake, but agreed I shouldn't pay to send it back. When I did, I cut the (fake) laurel off the front of the shirt, so they couldn't sell it again. A week later, that seller was gone.


This is also another reason to use a REAL credit card when shopping online, not a DEBIT card. The buyer protections on credit card transactions are much stronger when using a credit card.