questionsanyone in the blizzard zone?


I was in a Dairy Queen having a blizzard at lunchtime. Does that count?


I'm nowhere near Boston, but they are predicting 6-12" of snow around here. Which means we'll probably get about 2-3 inches for real.


Nope it's 65 here. Was 70 yesterday. Supposed to be 65 tomorrow and 70 on Saturday. Good luck with all that snow, but I won;t be volunteering to take any of it till it's 110 here in July.


I live in the Metro West of Boston. We are currently projected at 12-18 with one chart going as high as 34". Schools and works are already closing for the storm. I'm ready to sit back, hopefully get the day off, and shovel some long awaited snow.

(On a side note the grocery stores look like the Apocalypse is upon us, hopefully everyone stocked up on bread, milk, and booze)


@cjs0924: Ditto here at the grocery stores. I was lucky enough to get ahold of one of the last carts available. The gas lines were pretty bad too.


I'm in northern NH, the coast is supposed to get it bad but up here I've heard 3-5 to 12-18+. Just have to wait and see, you would never guess by the beautiful sunny day today with temps hovering in the single digits F.

One thing I don't get is panic shopping. It happens every storm and to me it all seems for naught. We've had some pretty big snows and never been snow bound or been able to shop the day after.


@djp519: They are predicting 2-3 inches here, so we'll probably get 6-12".


Heard Bank Of America is telling folks to get their money from ATMs now rather than try later, but that might be because of the "gonna-happen-at-any-moment" solar storm rather than the Weather Channel's Nemo of Doom storm.


We're on the line between a zone that's expecting 12-18" and the other side expecting 18"-24" - I'm expecting 3-6" because it doesn't matter what they tell us to expect, it's never right.

I avoid grocery stores, walmarts, and gas stations when there's a storm predicted - people go guano. Does your family of 3 really need 6 cases of tiny bottles of purified tap water? Really?