questionsshouldn't "everything on sale" mean "everything…


everybody does it, I usually expect exclusions when I see "any" or "ALL" in a sale advertisement.

Doesn't make it right/ethical for them to do it this way, but like i said, I'm used to it.


To paraphrase Bill Clinton, it depends on what the meaning of the word "all" is.


Annoying, isn't it? One must learn to read all the fine & LARGE print. Exclusions are common. Sometimes they take up more space than the ad itself.


in all fairness, some products are prohibited from discounting, like i-crap and game consoles, where the manufacturer won't sell the retailer any more if they discount, which is why you often see gift cards given out with these items instead.


I would rather know up front what the sale include. I have seen on occasion an ad state "On Select Items". I feel that's too ambiguous. Any store manager can tell you that the item you want is not part of the sale, even thought it really might be.


To get you to read it, think about it, and talk about it...


I really hate those Subway commercials that keep saying "Any, Any, Any" but the sale isn't for any sub. It is for any REGULAR sub. And, apparently, I don't want a regular sub, I want a premium or some other "special" sub that isn't $5. Not my definition of the word "any."


@benyust2: Pizza Hut does the same thing with their $10 any pizza deal. Try to get stuffed crust and it is $2 more. Really frustrating.