questionsdid you know today is national tabletop day?


I had no clue, but I always welcome a reason to pull out a board game. Stone Age is a fun game, and one we haven't played in a while, so maybe we'll give it a go tonight as well. Thanks for the idea!


Went to one of the local events. It was...ugh. I'll be kind and just say 'disorganized'. Left for another, which was a bit more on the ball, played some Fluxx and Cards Against Humanity, had a grand old time. Since the second event was near several portals, played some Ingress after (no tabletop version of that of course). Overall, a good day.


I just found out, only 4 hours late. Oh well...


We were supposed to play games during the cookout portion of our Easter gathering. Usually one group plays a Munchkin or Fluxx variant in the screen room while another group plays a crayon rail or Catan variant in the adjacent game room. But the conversation was too lively yesterday to break it up. After the cookout we role-played around a table for about 5 hours, so we sorta celebrated the holiday.