questionswhat is the best film trilogy, series or saga?


There is only 1 trilogy... and it's Star Wars Episode 4/5/6 tyvm! (lol)


Back to the Future... maybe Indiana Jones


BttF, The newest Batman series (yes Rises isn't out, but come on, we all know it will be amazing), X-Men, Transformers, and The Matrix. The LotR series is good, but WAY to long.


Twilight. Oh, wait, you said best, not worst. In that case, The Naked Gun series is hilarious and LOTR is absolutely awesome. I also like Rocky I-IV, Star Wars 4-6, and the Christopher Nolan Batmans.


LOTR and matrix will be classics for years to come. I like some of the other trilogies too like resident evil, aliens, and blade, but you can see that when the special effects progress, no one will watch these movies anymore. They were fun action movies for their era. (although the original alien might stay around forever).

Hard to put anymore titles up there, because some of the greats are more than 10 long (Friday the 13th), and don't forget about freddy and the nightmare on elm.

I might have said the predator movies, but the second one sucked so bad that it should be removed from public records.


@ecriscit: Matrix will be a classic series b/c the first Matrix movie was so awesome. the other two suck, but that's my opinion


No Harry Potter fans? What the crap?
Deathly Hollows Part 2 was the first 3D movie where I actually liked the 3D because it didn't have an excess of pandering shots where something jumps at you. There was one with a dragon though.

Plus all the other mentioned above except X-Men. A couple are ok (Wolverine, 1st one) but overall meh.


@skippykj: You get my vote for the Harry Potter franchise. Pretty much every movie was good, which I can't say for lots of the others I've seen listed here.

I liked the LOTR series of movies too. Solid film making there.

The Alien franchise is pretty solid across the board, and despite the recent remakes I have to say the Planet of the Apes movies were all pretty decent too.


This isn't even a contest. It's been mathematically proven that The Hitchhiker's trilogy is the best trilogy of all time. It's so perfect that it's actually like 5.5 books. It's so perfect that it wins even though there's only one movie.


Best series, Star Trek original and Star Trek TNG. Those movies go good on any day.


@captainsuperdawg: The 2nd and 3rd matrix movies actually retroactively spoil the first film, they're so bad. Thus, I think it should not even be considered a trilogy. The 2nd and 3rd films should be expunged from our collective memory,


Raising Arizona, Fargo and The Big Lebowski. Um, they all take place in states that end with 'A'.


@skippykj: The Potters were great. LOTR too..

Here is my shout out for the upcoming third Batman... The first two have been really good.


I'm a fan of any trilogy or series featuring Harrison Ford or Ian wars, indiana jones, tom clancy, lord of the rings, xmen.


No love for the Evil Dead series?

May you accidentally fall on your boomstick.


No Lord of the Rings fans? What is going on here?!


Another vote for Die Hard(s), or possibly Lethal Weapon(s).


I noticed no one mentioned any James Bond films. Sean Connery set, Roger Moore set, then the everybody else group. Although Daniel Craig is stamping out quite a new road for James Bond, ruthless and rugged. "Bond 23" is supposed to be out next year.


How about the Terminator series? The new ones haven't lived up to Judgment Day, but they have still been pretty solid, IMO.