questionsshould questioners vote up the answers they…


If the comment is good, then yes, I would vote it up. If it is just a comment, I will not vote it up.


I usually vote them up. It's my way of saying "thank you" for responding.


I would say that it's mostly user preference, do what you think is right.


@hackman2007: Sounds like you treat answers to your own question the same as if they were answers to any other question. That is probably the most "pure" way to do it afa how I'm guessing the reputation algorithm works.


@lisaviolet: Agreed. Hey, nice triangle you've got there is that new? Now you're going to have to change your screen name to lisablack!


If I am asking for help with something, I try to remember to upvote every helpful response. Especially if someone has gone to the trouble of researching or including a link. I also often follow their comment with a "thank you", but I sometimes wonder if that's perceived as an inappropriate boosting of the response number for my question. I just feel like it's impolite to ask for help, get it, and not say thank you.


@mlutz3: Absolutely, nobody should feel like they have to vote up the answers.


@moondrake: I think the thank you posts are appropriate although I rarely vote them up when I see them. I was under the assumption that responding to your own question had no effect on the question's popularity but I'm still learning a little each day about what makes deals.woot tick.

I like to reply to a lot of the comments/answers I receive although like the up-voting of those comments it's mostly meant as a courtesy not intended to pump up the question or my rep.


Unless it's a snarky response, I always vote up, as a thank-you for answering.


I generally up-vote the responses to my questions, but the meter keeps telling me to vote for better responses as well. Perhaps, if I ask better questions - I'll get better answers, that are then more worthy of my up-vote?


@chipgreen: It was black last month, then I had to actually do some work (on DH's website) that took all of my time. It's done and I'm back!


I vote or don't vote purely on my own perception of value, helpfulness, thankfulness, and I do not consider what doing so does to my "reputation." I am who I am and if that is not what enhances my popularity, well so be it. I devote a lot of time here, not to see how I am judged by others but for my own enjoyment. If it ever becomes a exercise in figuring out how to beat a system by being other than who I am, well I would do myself a favor and simply not stick around.


@klozitshoper: That is a good attitude although for some people, figuring out how to "beat the system" IS a form of enjoyment!


I feel obliged and responsible to upvote good answers to my questions in the same way I want to tell someone thank you if they answer my question in the non-cyber world. Not for any reputation purposes, but to simply say thanks for being helpful, funny, etc.

I only wish I could upvote more than once for some answers - especially if they are extra funny, extra clever, or extra useful.


Usually. If it's funny or helpful or interesting, I'll give it an upvote. I don't see any reason not to, really. But I upvote anyway using that criteria, regardless of if I asked the question


I upvote every answer unless I take it as overly snarky. If it is I vote it down.

The only other time I don't vote em up is if people are just having a conversation with each other on one of my questions. That's fine, but I won't vote either way.


I'm an upvoter. If people take the time to answer my question or reply to my comment, they deserve it. Almost without exception....


splitting hairs here.

also: further evidence that the question element of reputation algorithm is lame.


I think I've said this a bajillion (only a slight exaggeration) times - I do not think that questions belong in the rep algorithm. At all. This issue was discussed on a question (chat) asked by snapster a while ago - the community responded w/"take ?'s out of rep calculations." Seems to be hanging in there, eh?

Re: Answers to questions: I usually vote up answers to both questions I ask, and those I read. To me, it's a thank you for taking your time to respond. I appreciate that. I also learn from many answers and laugh a lot, too.


@pinchecat: Not sure what you mean by "splitting hairs"? That usually refers to two almost identical arguments with very minor differences. But I voted you up anyway!


if you answer my latest question and comment, you'll find out....


@chipgreen: I do see your point, and I understand.


@commodog: BTDT :)

EDIT: I see that the answer is "No", haha.


if it's a real question where you really wanted to know the answer, then yes, you should upvote the best answers.