questionsa new woot?


At the time of your question.... it has only been active for 2 minutes, so I would imagine that is when the last (and FIRST) addition would be.


Hooray! - because you know, there just aren't enough items on Woot these days...


Since nobody else has said it, and it needs to be's April 1st. I think that's why the extra bar is up acting like there's a different woot for every item on the tools and garden woot, which I believe may vanish after today, but perhaps not.

I take new product launches with a bit of skepticism on this day of the year. Woot your own adventure was far more awesome.


All April Fool's joking aside. Some time a couple years back the question of whether there would be more woot sites came up, and this is yet another of the mid-range categories we came up with.
Unfortunately I can't find the old post, but I think we'd listed tech, home, tool, and sport, among others.


This reminds me of Obi-Wan Kenobi talking to Yoda at the end of Empire.

"Tech.woot was our last hope."
"No, there is another..."


I would guess that it's not going away since it's being advertised on Amazon's daily deals page.


So today there are: 9 Woot Tabs with a total of:

642 total non-shirt.woot items for sale (of which 89 are out of stock) - 86% in stock
2049 total shirts for sale.
8 Hoodies for sale.
1 long sleeve shirt for sale
1 tote for sale
1 apron for sale

Welcome to Amawootz!


I'm beginning to feel as if I'm on the Sears site these days. Maybe we can get a new Apparel tab, and feed it with all the "cheap wedding dress!" Chinese vendors.


I hope it's real. I hope it's real. I hope it's real. I've been wanting one of those Rockwell tools since I saw them at Christmas. I like my little Dremel, but the Rockwell has so much more potential. I even went back to see if I could beg the woot gods to let me order an additional kit for my dad. Didn't have to beg. I was able to order another 72 piece model. Finally I can give him a decent Father's Day gift I know he will use.

(Now all I need is for woot to sell Speed Queen washing machines and life will be stupendous!)


Is it April Tools?
Trying to decide who's the Tool with this latest update....
Remember when MTV played music?.... :)

j5 j5

Since most every new Woot site since Kids had an episode of Mortimer and Monte in the Breakroom as a rollout, I went to check if there was a new vidcast with our two favorite simians. Indeed, there is one. But no song to commemorate the new site, though.


I can't take this new woot seriously. I mean, it's in all caps for goodness sake.


I see the name Rockwell, and now I have this damn song stuck in my head :(


I just bought a bag of manure for $3. off the tools and garden page.


I actually looked specifically to see if they had a bag of literal crap for sale. Not the literal kind, but bought it anyway!


@devexityspace: So if we're to believe Woot's original premise, the new game is to find the one deal per day hidden somewhere in those 2700 offerings.


Has that been there all day?


@axphw1: the BoC went up at 9am Woot Time (CST)


@devexityspace: It is rare that I think a comment deserves more then a +1.....this is one of those comments.

Nice research and completely accurate!