questionsi promise this isn't another "why was my deal…


On a serious note, I feel like I shouldn't even bother posting deals anymore. This is just 1 of the MANY deals that have gone missing a week after I posted them and it's getting old.



I hear you brother, Here's the deal though. If someone flags the tattle as a Duplicate instead of expired then I'm pretty damn sure when the complaint comes up the moderator gets a notification that says something like: THIS DEAL IS A DUPE WOULD YOU LIKE TO DELETE Y/N?

They notice the person tattling the deal is a trusted member of the community who has just tattled 50 deals in the last day or two so they assume they're all clicking the correct tags when they tattle so they just go ahead and delete the deal. So I think someone just got lazy and didn't click down to expired when tattling your deal.

In Short, when you tattle, Dupes delete the deals, Expired RIP's them. Be very careful with your tags when you tattle to avoid this happening in the future.

@Jumbowoot: can we have Tattle default to Expired, Especially since that one is used a lot more, and doesn't completely destroy a persons deal.


All I can say is you're lucky it took a week to go away. Some of mine, after half a day (not dupes) are gone.


It wouldn't bother me so much, but I think it might be why I worked really hard the other day to take @lichme off of the top spot, and it backfired, causing me to go down in rank instead.

Not that it really matters - I mean the people that wanted the deal got it and that's what it's really about, but it's frustrating to say the least.


So bottom line, you want to know why your deal was deleted? Sounds like a why was my deal deleted question to me. You promised!


@lichme: actually, it's more for a plea to the @wootgods to stop deleting deals without reason. Expired? Yeah, I could see that. Duplicate? I think not!

Perhaps I do want to know why. I'm fickle like that. Perhaps I'm just trying to not get angry (hint: It's not working)



@capguncowboy: So is it still available?

If so, post it again.


@jumbowoot: It's not. Amazon has it for more now... but I posted it from Wal-Mart for ~about the same price. No worries in the end I suppose.

However, I wouldn't be offended if you put a stink bomb in the desk of the mod responsible :)


LOL & agree with @lichme: When all is said & done, you DO want to know why your deal was deleted. ;-)

@capguncowboy: Do you really, really think that the mods would delete a deal w/o looking to see if it really was a dup?? I don't. In their defense, I believe they err to the other side. I've tattled on dup deals (w/the link to the original or 1st one) and the dups just sat there. The dup gathering mega-votes & the original withering w/less than 10. Aside: I am not talking about old, stale deals that go back 2 weeks or months. I'm speaking of dups posted on the same day. Sometimes w/i an hour or 2.

All the above said - I hope your deal will be recovered. Am also rooting for the cowboy take-over that's occurring. Had so much fun during the last round-up. Important note: No offense intended for @lichme!


@cowboydann: "If someone flags the tattle as a Duplicate instead of expired then I'm pretty damn sure when the complaint comes up the moderator gets a notification that says something like: THIS DEAL IS A DUPE WOULD YOU LIKE TO DELETE Y/N?"

That is incorrect.

Here is a very detailed description of what we see.

Every tattle is reviewed before any action is taken. We are human. Sometimes we make mistakes.

All told.


@jumbowoot: If you're human, then please explain the phrase "wootgods" for me.

Thanks for the explanation. I know that mistakes happen. I know it, because it happens to me at work from time to time as well. I guess this is the first time that it's happened to me on deals.woot and I felt like it had an impact on my actual rank.

I can't stay mad at you. Once you fly into the room on your Unicorn and lopping the heads off of trolls, you always win me over :)


@jumbowoot: Thanks Jumbo, I've always wondered what you guys saw, but never seen this thread. Very Educational.

@capguncowboy: are you implying I was trolling? :P I can't remember where I had asked it, but someone told me if you post a deal as a dupe instead of expired the worst that will happen is it will get deleted instead of RIP'd.


@capguncowboy: I have always believed that the community should refer to us as woothumans but so far you have resisted that notion and clung to your deification of us.


@cowboydann: no, not you. You're not a troll. There have been some trolls in the past (perhaps before you became active here) that we had some fun with. They're gone now. Banned, I do believe.

@jumbowoot: Says you, as you hop into your skyrider and zip off into the heavens


@gmwhit: Too bad, I am offended. Why such the hate. You have no idea how hard it is for me to stay up there, I have a fear of heights. In all reality, I might just let somebody takeover soon.

In regards to the duplicate getting upvotes: from this thread - "A not-so-common exception.

Sometime between the creation of a duplicate tattle and our action upon verification of the duplicate tattle, the duplicate itself receives enough comments and votes to become popular. If we determine that the thread of the popular duplicate deal is more valuable to the community, we will preserve the popular deal and remove the original."

The takeover is not occuring, the takeover attempt is


@lichme: I haz no hate. Only deep admiration & respect - don't remember anyone staying in #1 for so long!! (Course, I don't remember a lot of things.) Will now dutifully go up vote everything you've posted to prove that my intentions are pure.


@gmwhit: That won't be much. I expire my deals like a good boy.


@lichme: Hmmmm I wasn't just talking about up-voting deals. Also meant up-voting your comments & answers - those affect your "Awesomeness." Why are YOU picking on sweet little old innocent me? ::blink, blink::


@gmwhit: Shrdlu & Hobbit. They were up there for weeks and weeks and weeks.


@lavikinga: Thanks! Probably before I became active in deals. I'm kinda a newbie here. Those 2 are familiar names, esp. @shrdlu. I know she still posts, don't know if hobbit does. I missed out on the 'good ole days' here.


@gmwhit: Actually, I was up there forever and a day. I got so tired of it that I finally started searching out anything and everything Hobbit had done, just to vote it up. She was, at the time, the only possibility to take over the position. Best thing was, since they were truncating (and still do), even if we were neck and neck, alphabetically, she won. :-D

There were a few days where @lavikinga, me, @hobbit, and @catbertthegreat, were ALL 100/100. Naturally, I was fourth in that list. Sah-weet!

I was very grateful when they narrowed the window, which finally evened the playing field. I had such a long history of activity (from the beta test and onwards) that it would have been impossible to ever catch me, otherwise. I was even completely inactive a few times, for great stretches of times, and once I even had a purple triangle for a bit.

I do not aspire to appear again in the top 15 in Reputation, and go out of my way not to. Seriously.