questionsis it worth it to root my kindle fire?


From what I understand there is going to be an update part of which will "fix" some of the concerns people have with the UI.
Sorry I don't have a link for you.


I recently read that the Kindle update has already been released and resolves a lot of issues -but it un-roots whatever rooting you have already done. Don't root the unit now. Get the update and then investigate your options.


Roots don't work very well for KINDLING; to get a good FIRE started, try dry straw, pine needles or cotton, then add twigs and small branches. Good luck! ;->


@nortonsark: Thanks, I updated it right out of the box to 6.2.1 which I believe is the latest version. Or, I should say the kindle updated itself. It works well as is, but the UI is quite limiting in that you have to use their bookshelf themed organizer for all your stuff, and you cant have widgets, etc.


ive rooted some other devices not the fire though. Anyways if you dont like the UI then go ahead and root it, 4.0 is awesome. I would wait until someone else does it successfully, which they have, but its only in beginning stages.
So i would wait for a bit and use the software you have now until a reliable way to run 4.0 comes to the kindle


If you're interested in rooting, I'd recommend going for it.

I rooted my HTC Incredible and played around with a lot of custom ROMs. I'll root my new Galaxy Nexus, too, when I have time. We don't have a Fire, but I just bought my wife a Nook Tablet and will likely root that eventually, whenever she gets bored with the custom UI.

CyanogenMod 7 - which is perhaps the most popular custom ROM (ROM basically being shorthand for the Operating System) out there - is available for the Kindle Fire and I've read that they're working on compatibility for CyanogenMod 9 (which is based on Android 4.0, AKA Ice Cream Sandwich).

There are several android-specific forums around where you can read and ask questions, but I mostly stick with Android Forums.

I don't know how active the root section is for Kindle Fire, but the crowd in both the Incredible and GNexus forums are very knowledgeable and helpful.


I think I must be easy to please because so far I've enjoyed the fire. I think you have to take it for what it is. It's not an iPad for sure. It's really more like a window to the department store that is Amazon. If you're heavily invested in Amazon Eg you've bought MP3s or Movies or Books from them it becomes a great little device.


It's worth it, for the following reasons:

(1) If you don't like the UI, you can load ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro, etc. You can basically make it feel like any regular Android 2.3 tablet.

(2) You can load the Android Market. This means you can get the Nook app, as well as any other applications you already own or which aren't available on the Amazon appstore.

(3) You can load third-party keyboards (e.g., swype).

(4) Ports of Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or Cyanogenmod 7 are currently being developed for the KF. Neither are truly ready for prime-time, but given the relative newness of the tablet, it seems only a matter of time until it is very much streamlined. (Also, from personal experience with CM7, once your device is officially ported to CM7, it is MUCH easier to receive future updates to it.)

I personally vouch for the first 3 points. I haven't ventured to ICS or CM7 because I like my current functionality.

If you want further information:


@princeendo: I second this. I rooted my kindle, and have found much more usability using the Android marketplace, and associated apps.

I took a look at 3rd party keyboards, but the instructions scared me, so I have avoid it so far.

I am pretty happy with just the android market place. I normally run it unrooted, so I can continue to use Amazon Prime Videos and other amazon content. I did find that the android Kindle app breaks the free amazon prime book offer - amazon prime members can basically get one free book a month, but the android Kindle app seems to break this feature. It's not a big enough deal for me to fix the problem. I love having access to my Barnes & Noble books through the android Nook app - I have a Nook touch.

Rooting the Kindle Fire was not fun - I didn't get mine until the last update, which broke the older root methods. Maybe it got easier, but my experience was not fun.