questionswhere are the deal sites for basic verizon cell…


I use Tracfone. Low phone prices, LG phones, no contracts, totally prepaid & uses the Verizon network so coverage is very good. You can get a basic phone for $20, maybe less, and they offer some 'double minutes' & 'triple minutes' deals that are good as long as you own the phone. I recharged for $99/yr. with something like 600 minutes free.


eBay craigslist (check the phone to make sure that it can be activated before purchasing from CL)


No idea, but I love the tag for the question. I think it is the longest I have seen lol.


I have the LG Octane.. Opens to a larger screen and usable keyboard..
What plan do you have?


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all of the phones from mobilekarma have the Verizon's version of the app store. The Verizon's version of the app store is where you can get games and apps. This was not available on 1 out of 3 of my phones and there was nothing I could do about it, maybe take it to a Verizon dealer and have them install it at a cost to me I did not do this.
This means you can not get backup assist (Verizon sync of your contacts) or any games.


I bought my last phone used from and I'm really happy with it. I got a droid 3 for $60 so I'd imagine a phone with fewer features should be dirt cheap.

You can save a lot more by switching to Page Plus. They use the Verizon network but can be a lot cheaper depending on your usage.