questionshow many dogs are too many?


Not certain about dogs, but I know any number greater than 0 for cats is too many!


If you have to ask, you don't have enough.


In our town, owning more than three dogs requires a breeder's license.


As long as you can take care of 'em, I'd say you're fine.

However, any more than 3 is kinda pushing it imo


the amount of dogs you own is definitely relative to the amount of space you have (indoor and out). I would say no more than 3.. even with a big back yard. For 1 they are expensive and dogs need attention, cats not so much (they are independent). Secondly if you don't have a fenced in yard it REALLY sucks as you have to walk those dogs daily (who has time for that).. And lastly 1 dog leaves a LOT of hair everywhere (unless it's a Poodle or Poodle-mix), I can't imagine having more myself..

I stick to 1 Dog & 1 Cat at a time..


My rule on pets is one per person.


I would say 2 max indoors, and 3 max outside.

Any more than that and you will turn into a Hobbit


You can never have too many dogs, but you can have not enough house and/or land.


It's not just quantity, but size.

I have an English Mastiff, and she's easily equivalent to multiple dogs when it comes to feeding and fertilizing.


I absolutely love dogs and would have a dozen if I could. We had three dogs and that was a little much. They were all rescues and a bit ill-behaved and at times had us pulling our hair out. My motto is to never be outnumbered by your dogs. Thus, for me and my partner three would be just too many.