questionshow are the anvil shirts working out?


I wouldn't know. I stopped buying Shirt.Woot shirts after the change to non-american made shirts while increasing prices.

I know some people don't care, and that's OK I respect that... But I do care. I do care that shirts that were made in the US, designed in the US, and printed in the US no longer are. Even more troubling is they not only outsourced to cheaper shirts, but they raised prices in the process.

I'm not against people making money, I certainly appreciated the $10 shipped free shirts. I have something like 50 of them at this point...

Anyway, not to derail your question at all. I'm just really disappointed in (profanity).Woot for abandoning American businesses during a time when our manufacturing industries are already struggling to stay alive.

I guess part of me wonders if they'd raised the price by $1 every couple of years if it'd be such a big deal.


@xavoc: Very well thought out response. I've only purchased 1 woot t, so I'm not deeply invested in them. Did find it untimely (a friendly choice of words) that the price was raised and then the USA company dumped. Sad.

Side note: Was the "Sh_t.Woot" intentional or a typo? LOL :-D

Sorry for another derail on the OP. I would like to hear what people think of the new t's.


@gmwhit: Typo I'm afraid. I didn't mean to alert people to the secret BOC page...

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Don't know. When I heard about the switch, I decided to only buy randoms, old shirts from the Reckoning, and the shirts I deemed "Too Epic to pass up". So far, no non-random shirts bought.


@okham: The AA Men's Large already shrinks enough for me that I can't tuck it in and have it stay tucked in, and the XL is way too wide in the shoulders while being the right length to tuck-in.

The shrinkage on the Anvil length makes me even less interested.

I'm unfortunately short legged with a long torso. I'm only 5'8" so I'm even under average height for American men.


@okham: I'm fairly tall, but even so I can't imagine that 3/8" (which people keep rounding up to 1/2") is going to make any difference for me... especially if it's true they don't shrink as much.


I'm still holding firm on NOT buying the imports.

Today's shirt is on AA for men's and women's. I think I'll be in for Patrick Spens shirt #14.


I ordered the C:\ last Sunday, and it hasnt shipped out yet. Is this normal? I usually buy randoms, so I dont know how the new designs work.

Ill let you know how it is working out after I get to wear it.


I ordered the C:\ last Sunday, and it hasnt shipped out yet. Is this normal? I usually buy randoms, so I dont know how the new designs work.

Ill let you know how it is working out after I get to wear it.


@tsfisch: I was right on the cusp, I'm not very tall but I have a long torso. AA shirts would be right above the bottom of my belt, these ones end right at the top of my belt. I was surprised by the shrinkage. I am one of the very few people who needed to make the switch from MM to ML.

Overall the quality is fantastic and I love the shirts and think they are great. I wish I had bought my Arrow to the knee shirt in large, but whatever. I was one of the first 50 buyers and didn't read the fine print. (I would have bought the medium anywawys)

My short review is after 3 washes these new shirts are a carbon copy of AA blanks. I hate the fact that woot switched to overseas blanks and definitely feel that will make me think thrice before buying a shirt I only 'kinda want'. If I see something I really really want though I'll still probably buy it. If you think you might be like me and the 3/8th inches will mess with you buy large first, I wish I had.

A+ in quality
F in Patriotism


Just got the first anvil shirts this week - quality & feel are indistinguishable from the old ones. Haven't washed it, so I can't comment on shrinking.


@cowboydann: Thanks for the followup. I wear the 2XL in the AA, and they fit well; maybe these will be ok. Just have to find one that overcomes my reticence to buy the new brand...


I can tell you this, I used to work for a company that sold thousands of tshirts at weekend sporting events. I used Anvil, American Apparel, Gildan, Hanes and Fruit of the Loom shirts for our merchandise. If woot! is using Anvil, I just will say good luck with that... Thier product,, depending on the wieght of the cotton count, can be pretty lousy. woot! must have scored a major deal with someone. AA was a high priced wholesale shirt, but well worth it. Anvil, well, let's just say, they can be considered the Wal Mart of the tshirt industry. If I had to go with another brand to save money, I would have picked Gildan.


Are there different grades of Anvil shirts?

The reason I ask is one of my kids ordered a God of War from somewhere that arrived last week. It's printed on an Anvil shirt. After reading all the fuss in the forums, we both were pleasantly surprised at the quality.

She purchased a Men's Small (she wears an AA WXL in Woot shirts because of the shrinkage). The new T is pretty loose & seems to be a heavier material than Woot American Apparel Ts. She's washed it with decent results. Shrinkage was very limited, although she always hangs her Ts to dry.

Take it for what its worth. We'll also vote our disappointment woot didn't stay with American made shirts, but we understand that if they're struggling with the economy, they have to do what's best to support their bottom line.


Yes there are different grades of Anvil shirts. The ones woot is sourcing are a good quality, soft fabric. Someone posted that the arm seams were scratching his armpit though, I didn't notice that. @okham already linked to my reviews, so I'll leave the long comments there.

The change to non-US shirts has me reconsidering my wooting habits. But moreso the way it was handled was not what I expect from woot. Sending out the samples to some of us was a nice good-faith gesture. However, the shirts aren't a style I want to wear. It's a shame.


I know this is super late, but I just got my first woot shirt and thought I'd add my info about the shrinking. I got a Mens XL anvil shirt (it says made in Nicaragua). I didn't measure it before I wore it, but it shrunk down to 22-22.5" across at the chest and 27.5" length after being put through the wash and dryer. That's just right for me (I'm 5'3), but it might be too short for some of you out there. I'm getting my first womens XL in a few days, so I'll post the shrinkage and stuff after I wear and wash it. I really hope that the womens doesn't shrink like 3-4 inches in length also.


I have purchased 20+ Woot t-shirts and they were always good quality. But the cost keeps going up each year, then add in the new online taxes, and now an up charge for the same shirt. I know the market has been bad for quite a while, but I get the feeling Woot is starting to sell out on their original fun-loving community idea in lieu of the almighty dollar.