questionsare deal-of-the-day sites going the way of theā€¦


Must not be profitable anymore. I don't even check woot daily anymore... I do occasionally, and I might even buy something once in awhile. But the magic is gone, as are the really good deals.

vote-for29vote-against was pretty much the first DOD site that became nationally popular. I liked it initially because they actually had incredibly good deals on a regular basis. And you had a chance of getting a BOC. Now, all the various Woot sites and most all other DOD sites are the same, hawking the same tired goods as everyone else at basically the same prices. There is a huge amount of counterfeit goods and Chinese-made knockoff products. I basically stick with vendors that have been around awhile and those I have purchsed from in the past. I got burned a couple times from Chinese DOD sites and won't order from outside the USA unless the seller has an excellent rep.
I predict many more DOD sites will go away. I would rather see a DOD adopted by the sellers and businesses I already use, and this IS becoming a trend.


You're not alone: "I spend a lot less time browsing deals on Deals.woot since they changed the format."

I don't have the time to sort through the tabs and select the view I want. I glance at some of them and am out in seconds.

Whatever the motivation was for the redesign (vote suppression?) it has sure killed this for me.

I think it will last, though. The others deal site were copycats and now natural selection will prevail.


I think the standalone Woot-like daily deal sites are on their way out, and will probably be remembered as pretty much just a fad. But the daily deal concept itself is thriving. Amazon, Best Buy, Sears, eBay, Newegg.... everybody's got some kind of daily deal going on. No reason to imagine they'll stop anytime soon.


Deals.woot started as a way for users to post good deals they found. I never even paid attention to the rankings until it was pointed out to me. They lost their way when people started pimping their own sites and/or ebay deals to try and get in on the ride. I fought a losing battle with a mod who posted a deal, and when someone pointed out it was cheaper elsewhere, she kept deleting his posts (and mine pointing out the hypocrisy.) I thought the point was to save people money, not build your woot rep by trying to get your deal to become popular... Now they have the four sponsored deals, and a few from today's date and a bunch from yesterday, many of which are no longer valid. I never move off the home page anymore. I guess it gives me more time to surf elsewhere!


I have a notion that whatever happens there will always be room for Deal-A-Day sites. I think the idea is here to stay.

Now, will most Deal-A-Day sites live to mature like Woot and offer at least decent products and have good delivery systems and customer service? THAT my dear Watson...


@tcayer: When you don't move from the home page you miss the early am posters.{A few of us are still around} Sometimes free stuff gets posted and they aren't allowed on the popular page. Sometimes there just aren't people around early anymore and then they get buried in the spam. As an early morning poster, I am discouraged.


@ceagee: You early-morning folks usually have the best of the deals, all tidily gathered all in one place for me to check out.


@faughtey: Hopefully, no hard feelings. I did not read that question and all it's answers.

It's 3 years old. So little, if anything, still applies now.

Seriously. It's history. (Not necessarily 'good' history.)

Do appreciate seeing you answer on AtC. And that is an honest response.


@magic cave: Thanks for going beyond the home page and checking us out !


Yup, 1saleaday (now calling itself some abbreviated version of that name, which I've forgotten) recently jumped the Ama-woot shark. Lots of not-really-deals, presented in a haphazard and tediously complicated fashion. Bleh.


@ginawoot: Noticed that myself. "Bleh," indeed.


@ceagee: Thank you for all of the hard work you do. I find that your deals are always some of the best.


@tcayer: I totally agree. I used to be a regular contributor to deals.woot stuff, but I kinda feel like what's the point anymore. At least when they'd give out coupons (or even better stuff at one point) there was an incentive. Now, there's none. The sponsored deals puts a bad taste in my mouth where you just have to wonder, is there really any deal here?


@barnabee: Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad some community members can make use of them. That's what it's about for me. Otherwise, I feel like I am nothing more than an unpaid employee of wootazom, ( and a fool for being one. )


@tcayer: "I fought a losing battle with a mod who posted a deal, and when someone pointed out it was cheaper elsewhere, she kept deleting his posts"

I ran into the same thing.
I posted a cheaper link, and then it got deleted.
I posted a question asking why, and someone said it probably was because it was a sponsored deal.
I guess you aren't allowed to question those.


@mistamoose: I know what you mean! I don't care about woot rep, or "rewards." This is (was) where I came to FIND deals. The few times I found one that wasn't already here, I posted them. Some became popular. THAT was what I thought the point was (sharing deals, not the "popular" thing!) There just doesn't seem to be as many any more, and with the exception of the $59 infrared heaters the other day, I haven't even seen a deal on woot that has interested me.


@faughtey: Ironically it was YOUR deal that I was referring to in my previous comment. A commenter linked a cheaper price for whatever you posted. You didn't delete their comment, just edited out the link. MY point was now we know it was cheaper elsewhere, but not where! YOU said "That person should post their own deal with the link so they get the rep." Of course they DIDN'T so now no one knew where it was cheaper. I and another poster kept pointing this out, and you kept deleting our posts (but still not the original post saying "It's cheaper here: [edited by mod.]" I thought the whole point was to get the best deals?


@ceagee: First: do you mean the "recent" and "popular" tabs? And B: HOW early in the morning are we talking? Just after midnite when the sites update? or bright and early in the AM?

When I used to work 4-12, I would stay up and hit woot right at 1:00 PM eastern (hoping for a BoC.) NOW I retired and drive a school bus, so I'm up between 5 and 6, but don't sit down to surf until I get done with my morning run around 9 AM. My "deal" sites are always my first stop...


By the way- I found many of the deal sites I frequent on deals.woot! I'll give them all a try for a small purchase to start, to see how they do. If you look back at my comment history, you'll see I had a $200 dispute with a while back. They actually hired a "customer service rep" who took care of my problem (and gave me some free stuff as a bonus!) and changed the way they dealt with shipping and inventory. As a result, I'll still buy from them if they have a deal I like (and they seem to be one of the better deal sites.) I also had an issue with (formerly jizzbee.) In the end, he claimed my order was lost in the shuffle of a server move, and my complaint emails went to his spam folder. He seemed sincere, and I still got my stuff by Halloween (since it was stickers for the kids on my bus) and even sent me a free gift. Excessively long ship times seem to be the norm for these sites, so I don't hold that against any of them unless it gets to be ridiculous.


Ironically, since I posted this question, Dizbee has gone from 3 items a day down to one, and it's been the same item a couple of times. Must be a hard business model to sustain!