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The tag works, and it doesn't, all at once. If you just click on it, you get an error, because it doesn't want a tag with the double quotes. However, if you click on the link below, this question shows up.

Oh, those crazy developers, always making surprises for us all.


I thought we met on the third Wednesday of the month in DWC?



@shrdlu: Thank you for answering. I didn't know whether or not to put quotes around the q. Finally did. Also had the tag meta. Deleted that because I thought it might open up the question for everyone.

I'm just curious if the q tag is still restricted to black triangles. This is more than likely a waste of time. But then..... Oh, well. :-D

Sarcastic response to your comment on the other question, re: AWS. Zon & wife-swapping???? Odd that.


@neuropsychosocial: Pfffffttt! Every Wednesday there. Every other day of the week, too. ;-)


@gmwhit: The swapping was actually a computer related comment, and referred to something being swapped in and out of memory. I was merely amusing myself, and perhaps the developers, if they happened to see the comment.

In answer to your question about visibility: TheFlounder cannot see this question, which means that only black triangles see it.

Time for some sleeping...


@shrdlu: Honest, I knew that. Thought I'd make a disparaging comment; lame attempt at a joke. Indulging myself.

And thanks again for the check on visibility. I signed out and couldn't see it, so I thought it might be okay. Just rather disturbing to me that others play sock-puppet games. I know you do not; have always fessed up on your other nicks. Have determined that the 'sock' game is rampant. Call me naive - or, honest, or something. I do not like that practice. Especially if it's a staff member.


Funny, I just click on "leaderboard" and my rank is next to my name. Seems so much easier.

Just Look under DASHBOARD it has your rank in a box next to your name.


@morriea: Yes, the percentage is there. I think @mrgrogg wanted to know the actual number of his ranking. Once you go below 15, you have no idea how many people are really ahead of you. Been there; wondered that. ;-)

Edit: I am currently in the top 15, so do not know if it actually shows the number of those below 15. IIRC, it does not. I think that's why he was asking. I could be wrong.... heaven knows I often am around here. :-/


@gmwhit: No, @morriea is correct. Both your percentage and numeric rank are listed under Dashboard.


@tbgolladay: See? I'm wrong again. Sorry. Now wondering why mrgrogg asked the question. Ah, well...doesn't matter.


Rank is listed under the dashboard - no need to clicky click repeatedly.

Currently I'm 52, because I haven't been participating as much as I should lately. I used to routinely be in the top 15 or so...


Aha! I may have figured this out. The Leaderboard does not show the number/ranking if you're below 15. The q rep does. And mrgrogg was not aware of the "q" rep link. Think that might be it??? Or not. Seriously, I do not remember the regular Leaderboard showing any number below 15. Of course, that could have changed, too. Crap! I'm thinking this is a dead horse for me. :-\


@gmwhit: Nope. Just click LEADERBOARD. The middle box says DASHBOARD. See a crude copy/paste below and I am 63...ugh.

It's not that we have formulas to rate your overall worth, it's just... wait, no, it's exactly like that.

63 morriea 98.50%

updated an hour ago

Then your arrow gauges are below that.


@morriea: I surrender. I apologize. So embarrassed. It's not as I remember it...few things are. ;-)

An aside: Am pleased to see that the q tag still works, though.


@gmwhit: Wait, staff member sock puppets? WHOA.


I saw a q, so - hi! I'm here, or something. This isn't the back side of Walmart!


I think the difference is on the regular leaderboard you can see your rank/percentages, but on the q leaderboard the full leaderboard opens up and you can see the actual people who are above you even outside of the top 15, which I don't believe is possible in the regular leaderboard. Minor details, but if you want the full data there it is.


Haha that's cool! Thanks for this :)

Looks like I'm currently neighbors with @neuropsychosocial on the board



Luckky number 166! meh.

@morriea: Sadly I didn't see your plain as day "shortcut" until after I clicked more about 17 times. :D


An easy way to test q would be to

make question
open browser in incognito mode and verify question does not exist under the fresh tab.


darn, that's why I keep missing the meetings...I wait in the dumpsters


@gmwhit: What do you mean by "q tag"? ;)


Apparently I need to ask a question or something... Currently down to #17...


@jsimsace: I believe (using context clues and a brief search) that something designated with a "Q" tag will only show up to those with a black triangle.


@jsimsace: When this question was submitted, the only tag on it was "q." It was a test. Sometime between then and now, the "q" tag was deleted and "meta" and "leaderboard" were added.

This question is now visible to everyone. Guess that the "q" black triangle club is defunct. Ah well. ...And so it goes.


@gmwhit: I guess we go too uppity and they took our toys away. :(


@thumperchick: If we were just playing w/ourselves (yes, I did intend to say it that way!), then I don't understand how that could be considered uppity. If other triangles could not view it, what's the harm? 'Sides, we weren't making fun of them. We were having a private conversation at no one's expense.

IMO: It's not good to take the toys away from those who are the most active members. It's nice to have some kind of reward/incentive to reach a black triangle. Too many woot perks/rewards have disappeared. Sad that this is another one. Have viewed previous q threads, it's amazing how many are now former black triangles. I no longer wonder why.

Note: About an hour ago I tattled on this question & begged that the "q" tag be put back, and meta/leaderboard deleted. Maybe the mod that deleted "q" wasn't aware of the Q Black Triangle Group. Or...maybe it is indeed gone. Shades of grey or any other color?


@the18thtee84: Thanks for trying to fill me in, but I was a ▲ when the "Q" stuff started. In our last meeting I was telling gmwhit that the q tag didn't work for me. I noticed earlier that there was a q tag on her question, then there wasn't. I was just making a dig at her. ;)


@jsimsace: Ouch! That dig hurt. Cruel and unusual punishment from a fellow black triangle member. Nee: Shades of grey triangle member w/no "q's" in sight.


Thanks for sharing--that's an interesting factoid!


I had asked because I had never seen the actual ranking number in the middle part of the dashboard - only the question marks on the left box. I'm pretty sure having the actual number in the middle must be relatively new because I once spent a lot of time looking for that information unsuccessfully. I guess I should have looked again, more closely, before posting the question, since it was added at some point in the meantime.

Regardless, thanks for the effort on getting the answers! (And I've managed to climb!) 40-something now! :)


@mrgrogg: Not new. It's been there since they revamped the leaderboard, lo, these many moons ago. It's easy to miss stuff though, and at least now, you know.


I didn't even know about this q tag! I was a black triangle for a long time & then started to fade away, but now I'm back. Interesting information on the leader board and stuff though, I'm in the 200's at 93% yikes!