questionsis there a way to mask your ip address with one…


You can use a proxy, to a degree, but when you sign up for MLB baseballs pack, they'll do it by address, as opposed to IP. Also, going through a proxy will most likely make your connection too slow to actually be able to stream the feed.

Final note, Baseball's blackout rules are some of the most asinine in the world. they can black out a game for any reason they want, on top of the complex hierarchy of local vs cable, vs regional vs national network coverage, as to whether its blacked out on one channel, but available on another.


@keckfitty1 If you know someone who lives in another state use their address to sign up and that should solve your problem or get a PO box to use as your address if you don't mind spending the extra money.


The worst thing about you can't get around...and that's the complete blackout of most weekend games. Any Saturday game that starts between 1PM and 8PM EST and Sundays anything after 4PM EST. That is the complete BS part.


I used to use proxies all the time, I stopped a long time ago (over 10 years ago). I recently (last year) I tried one, the site I was trying to access using the proxy 'knew I was using a proxy' and I still did not have access. I would test this before you make any commitments.


alternative to proxy is a vpn.
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