questionscan you put hour restrictions on a nook color?


jus be happy the kid enjoys reading!


Nope. I talked to Nook support and you can't. Best bet is to set a restriction on your router.
Or, make the kiddo give you the nook by a certain time. I've had to do that before. I make them physically bring me whatever it is they've been misbehaving with.


I've never heard of a parent complaining about their child reading to much...though, I guess they do need some sleep.

Maybe try substituting a book on cd? Those put me right out on sleepless nights and doesn't stimulate vision.


@happyknappybeard: My son gets grumpy as heck by the next evening if he doesn't sleep, and will try and stay up and read hours past bed time. I had to put some restrictions on him, silly as it seems.


Silly Tanner. I'll read til whenever I want so stop trying to restrict it!!