questionswho do i contact to get the cord for the dr. tech…


if you bought the item directly from woot and there was something missing, contact woot support:

if you bought it from a 3rd party thru a link from deals.woot, contact whoever you actually bought it from.

one told.


Not that you're actually going to respond to this, and probably not even look at this post again; but, it looks like the camera takes 2AA batteries and that's it. I went through several websites and in the package contents section I do not see any "power cord" only AA batteries. I could be wrong, but with these noname brand devices, you never know.


Therefore, if you still feel you need a power cord and there is a place to plug it in, try contacting the manufacturer of your device.


555-867-5309. Ask for Jenny.


Can't find much info on it. But it records to SD card, so it really wouldn't be necessary to get a USB cable for it. It does use a variant of USB, but it's better to just get an SD card reader if your computer doesn't have one built-in.