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To answer my own question:

I know that no company is perfect. I don't expect them to be, but when I see things like the CEO of Target funding congresscritters that think it's OK to support bands who sing about killing Gays... I'm not OK with that. I haven't been to Target in years now.

Do they miss me as a customer? I don't know, and I don't care. What matters to me is how and where I choose to spend my money.

I did the same thing when Shirt.Woot moved away from AA blanks. I realize that AA's owner is an Alleged POS, and that saddens me. However at least it was American made, American Printed, and well. Helping to prop-up our industrial/blue-collar work force.

I don't care if a business has religious beliefs or roots. I don't care if they choose to open or close on Sunday. That's their decision, and I support it. I don't care if they plaster the word of God all over their lobby...As long as they don't use their money to fund laws not related to their core business.


Unfortunately, it'd be very difficult to research every company you do business with to check that their initiative funding aligns with your personal belief system. There should be an app for that.


thanks for the thread @xavoc. now everyone can enjoy their chicken sandwich in peace.


@axphw1: The problem with such an app is what happens when a company supports a candidate that is say, Pro Abortion, but their financial views align with the company? Does that make the company pro-abortion?

Now, that changes if say, this Pro Choice person starts calling for, or supports others who believe that Anti-Choice folk should be murdered in the name of FSM.


@carl669: I fully support eating in peace. Now if only they could come up with a cone of silence for me to wear when there are screaming children/Westboro Baptist Church Members/Neil Diamond impersonators in the lobby of a restaurant so that I can continue to eat in peace.


Yeah, good old Coca Cola, Nazi Germany, and pre-reform South Africa. I also won't mention IBM and the Concentration Camps.


Chic Fil A gives a few million dollars to community organizations and people have twisted it to make Chic Fil A look like a hateful bigoted corporation. They could do much more by volunteering and/or donating to a pro-gay rights cause or organization, but that would be take way too much effort. As long as they avoid Chic Fil A they feel they have done their part when in fact they've done nothing.

It's not about actually accomplishing anything, it's all about feeling good. Kinda like those people that put a "coexist" sticker on their bumper. They just did nothing of any use, but pat themselves on the back anyway.


@kjlane: Being willing to publicly acknowledge where you stand is actually SOMETHING.

I'm not gay, I volunteer regularly, and I also boycott companies who use their power and influence to harm others. There's also nothing wrong with feeling good.

Then again, I live in a heavily gayificating neighborhood. Which means it's getting gayer, and gentrified at the same time. They make GREAT neighbors. :)


@atd15: Don't forget Ford, Kodak, Random House Publishing, Chase Bank, Standard Oil...


@xavoc: Kudos to you for volunteering and actually doing something, but I figure about 80 to 90% of the people that are prepared the anonymously blast the "evil corporations" won't open their wallets for a cause, volunteer for a campaign, or even vote. Those things take time, effort, and resources. Not going to a restaurant is an easy way of doing nothing and feeling good about it.


Life and Nature are not Fair and Equal. Humans are the only species on the planet with these wild notions.
As for what companies spend their money on, I cannot say. I'm conflicted about it.


You asked, and I shall answer. My feeling is companies, as much as individuals have the right to donate their money where they please. America is a free country after all! I may not like it, but that doesn't necessarily stop me from shopping there, unless it's something that just totally creeps me out. In the case of Target, I didn't know they supported people who talk about killing a group of people based on their orientation. That's just creepy, however, I shop at Target because they usually have what I need, at a price I can afford, and are a LOT closer to me than Wal-Mart. In fact, I must go research your statement now, cause if it's true, I may even have issues shopping there!


@xavoc: You certainly have the right to shop where you want for your own reasons, but your criticism of Target is convoluted. You say you won't shop there because of "the CEO of Target funding congresscritters that think it's OK to support bands who sing about killing Gays." So the CEO supported somebody, that supported somebody else's right to free speech? I don't like that kind of song either, including songs killing Ho's or Cops, but my guess is the CEO had other reasons beside gay bashing in mind. Besides, I recently read that Target is carrying gay targeted merchandise (I think it was t-shirts and/or greeting cards).

I once considered cancelling my Costco membership over their CEO's left wing support, but then I realized I would be depriving myself of some excellent prices for things I need. Plus I could kvetch with the employees and let them know how I felt. I was surprised at the number of employees that agreed with me.


@nortonsark: Tom Emmer's (Then gubernatorial candidate in MN who received money from Target) campaign gave money to "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide Intl Ministries".

This is what Bradlee Dean who runs that ministry...

To quote Tom Emmer about the ministry? "These are nice people."

Bradlee Dean then sued Rachel Maddow in response to all of this...

Defending one's freedom of speech is one thing. Defending them as "good people" is another.

I don't have to like what you're saying to recognize your right to free speech. Nor do I need to praise you.


@nortonsark: Here is where the SPLC now declared Junkyard Prophets's parent group an anti-gay hate group.

Just look under Minnesota.

Sure, they have the right to express their opinion. Emmer has the right to fund them. Target has the right to fund Emmer. I have the right to not fund Target, Emmer, or Junkyard Prophets. So, is it convoluted? No, not really considering Target was actively targeting gay neighborhoods to open stores in prior to this coming to light.

Should Target be held responsible for the actions of those it funds? Absolutely, especially when they keep on funding them.


You were right. It's a loaded question.


blah blah blah.
and that's all I have to say about that.


Thanks for the heads-up. I'll only eat at McDonald's from here on out. Now that's a controversy-free company. /sarcasm


Let me tell you a story...

While delivering to a small health food store yesterday, I bought some lunch. The lady behind the counter offered me a bag, which I declined, mentioning that I might as well save a bag from unnecessary use. In turn, she handed me a token, and asked me to put it in a bucket of my choosing. Each bucket represented a different charity. She explained that every time a customer declines a bag the store contributes to a charity. The tokens represent how much will go to each one.



My above story is just to illustrate how large the gap between stores with a sense of responsibility and target truly are...



Yes, I read that comment or yours earlier. Very compelling. Thanks for sharing.


that comment is meant to point out the total uselessness of people whining about which stores support which causes, and their intent to not shop there because of that. It's a simple attempt to pretend that you/they are more important and influential than they really are.

Hope you don't like jelly belly candies or any of the many candy brands they own... They're big supporters of conservatives, Romney was even there at the plant in Fairfield a month ago.

On the other hand, How many conservatives boycott Heinz ketchup, since that's owned by the family of John Kerry's wife, and money spent on Heinz ends up supporting ultra liberal causes?


Then again, I live in a heavily gayificating neighborhood. Which means it's getting gayer, and gentrified at the same time. They make GREAT neighbors. :)

Why do "They" make great neighbors? What do "They" do that no one else does. I've had good and bad neighbors from every walk of life, and pretty much every color/race/ancestry. My absolute favorite neighbors are the ones that take care of their property and don't bother me too much.

Yeah, you had a loaded post.


@kamikazeken: If you feel that way, perhaps it would be best for your mental condition if you did not to visit is thread anymore.


@ecriscit: Well, in my neighborhood. Taking care of their property and not bothering me too much is amazing to find. Which, they tend to do both. They also don't throw obnoxious parties that last late into the evening. They recycle heavily, and they're just very wonderfully neighborly.

They have cleaned up broken beer bottles tossed by kids/obnoxious neighbors off my driveway so I didn't blow a tire when I came home.

Pretty much they are the epitome of gentrification and god neighbors here.


@kjlane: Well see that's the thing, they do donate to an organization with a heavy hand in anti gay marriage legislation.

Better links in a bit