questionsdo you use game emulators on your computer or…


I've used them with computers way in the past to replay Final Fantasy series, or to get imports for the original playstation. More recently I picked one up to play old gameboy games on my cell phone. As far as site, emulators, games, etc. I really have no clue nowadays. It's rather preference in a limited pool and hit or miss on the games that are released.

Best of luck though.


I had one for my dreamcast that had every snes game ever made on it, it was fun although it slowed down at times.

I just recently downloaded a gameboy emulator for my pc so I could play pokemon red and kirby's dreamland again.

Only advice I really have is try a few free ones- there are so many out there now that there's no reason to settle for one that isn't just the way you want it.

Also a game controller is nice- I just got one for a PC game I was playing, but it's making me consider getting more emulators now too. I got this one and I'm very happy with it.


You'll probably be alright with a PS1 emulator like ePSXe.
Unless you have a beast of a computer you will probably not be able to emulate the PS2. PCSX2 is the emulator I use, for reference. The joke around the emulator community is that the acronym really stands for "PC Stresstest Xtreme 2" because it takes a LOT of resources to run smoothly.
I don't think a PS3 emulator exists yet. If it does, it is not likely to be compatible with any commercial games yet. Or at least very few.


I've used emulators for old systems - NES, SNES, Genesis. Also I recommend trying MAME, which is an emulator for arcade games.
You can probably grab a used PS2 system for incredibly cheap - it might be worth it, even though you only have a few games you're interested in, you've picked a couple of looooong ones.


What about the Android SNES and N64 emulators? Anyone have any experience with any of these?
Just got a Galaxy 3 and wouldn't mind one.


For N64 - n64oid is good.
For NES - John NES is good.

Those are the ones I've found for those systems I like.
I had so many games back in the day, but it's just a pain trying to get them to work via the original console anymore.

Technically you are only supposed to backup your actual cartridges for use (legally), but I feel okay to d/l games that I own the cartridges to.


+1 for ePSXe. I used it to play my ps1 games back when my Playstation died (before I got my ps2). I've also used PCSX2 once I sold my PS2. It requires a beast of a machine to run, but if you are a PC gamer with a midrange gaming PC built in the last few years, you are probably ok. At the very least, I was able to run FFX on PCSX2 with a Core2 duo and a GeForce GTX 275 a year or two back. If you are looking for mobile emulation, a PSP can be rooted easily and has really good GBA, NES, and SNES emulators. A rooted PSP can also run PS1 games. I primarily use my PSP to play PS1 games now.


@rockytrh: Don't use FFX as a benchmark. It's very easy to emulate.
I have a Core i5-3570k @ 4.1GHz with a GTX 670 FTW Edition and I still can't emulate some games at a smooth 60fps.

Well, then again, that might have something to do with the fact that I render everything at 4x native and display it at 1920x1080.


A used PS2 can cost you around $40 bucks. I remember there used to be a game console rental service, but I'm not sure if they have that anymore.

I used to use an emulator for some games but the keyboard and mouse won't necessarily work with every game. Make sure to get a usb gamepad (and an emulator that supports said gamepad) or just play it on the PS2.


I am running a desktop with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 with 6 GB Ram and an EVGA GeForce 550Ti GPU. Do you think that would run a ps2 emulator?

@jleh123: The games I picked are long, but can't you create saves and stuff with an emulator? Most of them don't need a complex mouse or keyboard. And I would buy the ps2 used if I was going to play more than 2 times a week... But right now I just want something I can play a couple hours a day, for a couple of times a week. Plus free costs less :P

If the ps3 had full backwards compatibility to play the original persona series, I would totally go for one. But according to Sony's compatibility checker, I would only be able to play the newest 2 games in the series.


@stryker4526: Are the Persona 1 / Persona 2 games that hard to emulate?


@hirshy: Persona 1 and 2 are PSX games, and ePSXe is compatible with most games (at least, I haven't found one yet that isn't compatible). Your computer will run that fine.

Your processor might prevent you from running PCSX2 at high rendering resolutions, but I think it can probably handle native, maybe 2x native, especially if you hand off rendering to the GPU. For the record, Persona 3 and 4 are listed as playable in the PCSX2 compatibility list.

Also, the PS3 can play all PSX-format games as far as I'm aware, so I'd be shocked if it couldn't play P1/2 as well (this applies to all PS3s, not just the 20/60/80GB models).
Note: Sony's compatibility checker lists ONLY PS2 games when you search, not PS1 games. For instance, I searched "Final Fantasy," and it did not come up with any of the PSX games, even though I play FFVIII and IX on my PS3 all the time.


isn't that why everyone bought a wii? I've been playing SNES since it came out, (first console) and when I saw Homebrew working on the Wii for the first time I knew I had to have it (well that and I'm a sucker for anything Nintendo) seriously though if you have a wii and it doesn't have homebrew there's still hope just goto and follow their relatively easy to follow instructions.


@stryker4526: Ah ok that sounds good. I will just get ePSXe and play through 1 and 2 first. I will try out PCSX2 later and hope it works.

I already homebrewed my Wii to play some older games... I am actually gonna dl the DVD player for it today, as I don't have a DVD player anymore... I just rip my dvds to my pc and watch on there. I am just gonna use my external HD for my games and movies for the wii now :)