questionsups lost my really important package, what can i…


I see what you did there. :-D


I love it. Try smiley pancakes, with a bacon smile. Way more cheerful.


I'll try that! I really hope it works, customers have been bringing in packages they've found along the road all day and asking 'is this the one'? I've got boxes with a weird dress, some VHS tapes, a pair of ice skates, even a volleyball with a face on it, all sorts of weird stuff. But no squeezy bottles! Oh, it's hard being a restaurateur in this remote but unspecified part of northern Mississippi!


Plastic squeezy bottles, huh?

I heard a rumor that a certain police department was given a suspicious box that supposedly contained squeezy bottles, but was suspected to contain a bomb or bomb making paraphernalia. So, check with your local police department. They might have your package, unless they already blew it up.

"Lucy, you got some splainin to do."