questionshow do you order your $5 footlong from subway?


I get a real sub from Jimmy John's. I also don't need to explain what is on a BLT there...


I go to togo's and tell them how crappy subway tastes.
use this coupon for buy a 6" get a 6" at togo's. 6"+6"= footlong.

Now, I don't want my post deleted, so i won't mention which foot-long my wife likes....


I know this was asked, but that was when premium subs cost more. Also, if we can refresh a deal, why can,t we refresh a question when the price changes? @captiansuperdawg


We have neither Jimmy John's nor Togos here. Never even heard of either of them. Subway makes a perfectly serviceable, reasonably healthy fast food sandwich for $5. I generally get the roasted chicken, with pepperjack cheese if I am indulging myself, on the honey oat bread. I add spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers and an insane amount of banana peppers. Drench with sweet onion sauce and call it a day. My favorite Subway sandwich is their orchard chicken on honey oat bread, but they rarely have it. I never get my bread toasted, as it makes it way too hard for my tastes.


I ask them to drive me to Quiznos or Potbelly or any of the quality sandwich places.


About a year since the last post, but I gotsta say the best way to order is to ask the server if they like spicy food. If they say yes, then ask them to make their favorite sandwich.
I've gotten quite a few sandwiches that don't show up on the menu board. I've never been disappointed, and I've often been quite pleased with the sandwich.
Try it, it works!
Tip: It also works well at Taco Del Mar.