questionsdoes this studio ghibli deal on ebay look legit?


DVD hold 4.7 GB. You can compress a lot of video into one disc. But the tradeoff is that they are lesser quality. Now i dont necessarily mean that the video itself is a lesser quality; i mean that they strip DVD menus and you cant jump to a scene. To some this might 'feel' like a bootleg. So please do not post this deal.
As far as the kids are concerned, Get it for them.


He's been an eBay seller since 1995. His feedback is excellent at 99.9%, and it's consistent. In the past year he's racked up 1,999 positive FB items, one negative, and six neutrals. Five of the neutrals and and the negative he's received have been claims that the items were bootlegged or pirated, based on the appearance of the inserts and on some of the disks skipping.

He seems to deal only in movies (as opposed to "flea market collections of random stuff"), his buyers have established accounts with decent FB of their own, AND he often accepts a below-price offer from prospective sellers.

I too have been on eBay (as a buyer) since 2005; I've made about 1000 purchases in that time and have learned to watch for flags that would keep me from buying from a particular seller. Personally, I'd trust this one.

Edit: I bow to @wootfast 's superior technical knowledge.


@wootfast: Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


There's some good Amazon reviews for it that confirm the picture quality is less than DVD.

I used to be quite into anime, and have my share of bootlegs (mainly for shows that had no official US release) and everything about this set says bootleg to me.

The seller has good feedback so you can expect a quality bootleg, but it is going to be a bootleg.


2+ movies per disc is going to be very lousy quality - regardless of the legality. But an Amazon reviewer says it best:

"There's a very simple reason why this set is a bootleg --- it's not possible for Grave of the Fireflies to legally be a part of this collection. The reason Disney has international home video distribution rights (excluding Asia) for Studio Ghibli works is because they have a distribution agreement with Tokuma Shoten, which is Studio Ghibli's parent company. Grave of the Fireflies, however, isn't owned by Tokuma Shoten --- it's owned by the publisher of the novel that the movie was based on, Shinchosha. That's why Disney has never had licensing rights to Grave of the Fireflies, which was previously licensed by Central Park Media and is currently licensed by Sentai Films. And since Disney doesn't have distribution rights in Asia, it's impossible that a compilation boxed set with English dubs from both Disney and Central Park Media could ever be released in Malaysia."


@wootfast: DVDs hold 9GB (dual layer) and Animation compresses like crazy.

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eta: I checked the listing and saw 3 movies per disk. That's too much compression.

If you really want this set, I suggest a torrent site.
You might get better quality and those anime geeks are serious.

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@j5: So don't buy a bootleg... Pirate it?


@spacezorro: pirate direct and know what you're getting or pirate by proxy and take a chance with your $$

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Hmm, odd, I now own a copy of this set, it contains the name of the company (who do have their own web site, though admittedly a little shady), but at the same time there are copyright notices on each of the discs, and if they are bootlegs, the level of production that went into them is impressive. And then of course, apparently these sets have been up there for a while now, you would think Disney or Studio Ghibli would have made an effort to put a stop to the sale of this set on sites such as Amazon. I'm not trying to argue here, it's just a little odd, because I can see a few things in the set that seemed fishy to me as well.