questionswhat is the best rice cooker?


Thanks! for some reason that didn't come up when I searched the first time


I stand by my earlier recommendation (in the other thread) of the Zojirushi brand rice cookers. Good quality product, plus it's nice with the warming feature and the quick cooking function.


I ended up going with this one.

It works great and I've woken up to a nice hot bowl of rice several times.

I found this to be extremely useful.

Mind you I knew I wanted a Zojirushi they are amazing products. So if you want another brand it won't be as useful to compare features. But either way I stand by my Zojirushi and recommend it.

If you have any precise questions I can try to answer them since I do have the one listed above but I'm not sure how much help I will be on other various rice cookers.


@pinchecat: Doesn't always work. Mine can't cook to save her life. Thats my job lol.