questionswould you prefer an android tablet or i-pad?


iPad. I've been a Mac guy since the '80s, so it's not a hard choice.


Depends on who's buying... That said, I've really been enjoying my rooted ROMed Kindle Fire that I got for $135 during the refurb deal. It's pretty snappy, and everyone that sees it is amazed also.

Our iPad 2 is strictly for the kids now. It's got every crappy voice change app in the appstore installed on it.


I have some Android pads and an Ipad 3. The 3 is more expensive but IMO it blows the pants off of any Android pad I have used. Cash effeciency wise?... a refurbished Motorola Xoom would probably be my choice if cost was an issue.


I have the refurbed Xoom. After the $100 gift card for 3 day inconvience of sending it back to be "Officially" wiped, $220. ICS is great. Haven't found anything I needed it to do that it can't do. Thanks Woot!


Here come the haterzzz.....

I have owned iPads since the original one. I also have a Touchpad and a Transformer (I like my toys). They are ALL great tablets and are stable.

That being said if I was only able to keep one tablet it would be my iPad 3.


I was never a mac guy so I got a Galaxy Tab.
Not hating, just saying.


I have been a fan of matching the type of phone you have. iPhone/iPad Android phone/Android Tablet.

no duplicating Apps in different locations.


Not really any different answers than this question from 6 months ago. That actually surprises me. It seems to me that they both still have their pros and cons.


I have a Transformer Prime, and a TF300, so no iPad for me.


@morriea: Absolutely. We have 5 iOS devices in my house, all on my iTunes account (I have 3 kids, and I need to supervise their app purchasing). My middle daughter was considering buying another tablet, but when she realized she'd have to buy all the apps again, that was a big strike against it.

Plus, I once worked for Apple. We're mac/apple people anyhow. :)


I chose iPad for the reasons:

- I'm the only one who is tech-savy (the rest of family is not) and I think the iPad/iPod is easy enough to navigate with the minimalist interface.
- iTunes. I just thought that the WiFi sync was pretty handy (on minor updates).
- AirPlay. Got it with my iPad 3, plus with our iPhones and iPods I usually share pictures of family on Facebook to big TV screen.
- Applications. I just felt that the App store had better variations on games and apps that are free. I haven't looked into the Android store deeply, but I've already invested possibly hundreds already on the Appstore so switching over (and buying the same app again, that I might've liked from the other store) is probably not a good idea, in my opinion.

- Expensive. I was saving up for two years for a 32GB iPad 3 and Apple TV for pre-order day.

I'm not trying to hate on Android tablets/phones, I just can't have both Apple and Android tablets/phones at the same time.


So many people choose the iPad for the interconnectivity between devices. I feel that, long-term, Android will be the platform that allows devices to work together. Sure, the iPad, iPhone, Mac and AppleTV talk fine to each other. That's great if you want to be restricted to buying everything from one company. But, anyone can build an Android device. Samsung and Nikon are already integrating the OS into point and shoot cameras. You can bet it will soon start showing up in all types of products from lots of manufacturers.

It sounds ridiculous, but how expensive would it be to put an older version on a chip that could be inserted into all kinds of devices in your home like lamps, thermostats and coffeemakers so that they could be automated from a central device like your phone. I can't see Apple licensing iOS to enough companies to make this type of situation viable. But nobody needs Googles permission to include Android on anything.