questionshave you ever tried the "green drink" diet?


Keep in mind that all of the "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" type stories are just that: one person's story. There are no (to my knowledge) prospective tests of something like juicing. That having been said, if you can afford the juicer (a few hundred for a good one) and can afford and have to time to buy and process the produce, give it a go. It probably can't hurt anything.

The only real warning would be "green only" juices (like just kale, spinach, and the like) can be a bit hard on an uninitiated GI tract. Put more plainly they can cause some significant cramping and bad diarrhea if you aren't used to them.


Yes I've tried it. Not very fun. And bathroom trips are as violent as you think it would be.

The worst part was cleaning the juicer, though. An hour a day, every day for a week, and it isn't fun to do when all you had was juice the day before.

About the film, do you expect them to feature people who either hated or failed the diet? That guy is trying to sell dvds. I guarantee there are more people like me than the limited success stories.

I suggest just using a food processor/blender instead and drinking smoothies rather than juice. It's far more practical, easier to clean and less destructive on your colon.


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I was reluctant to even mention the film because I agree 100%, if it didn't work it wouldn't be on film. I was never a big fan of documentaries like that because they will be extremely one sided (insert Michael Moore here). That being said, I was looking into the green drink before I heard of the movie. The movie is more motivational then anything, but again I am sure there were many people who tried and could not pull it off.

I have been dieting for the last year and I have seem to hit a plateau and can't knock of the last 15 pounds. So for the new year I figured I would up the exercise and try out the green drink diet. My wife enjoys cooking and baking so the Vita-mix will be used for years regardless, that's why I invested in it.


@coondogg97: If you've plateaued, maybe you hit your natural weight. If a balanced diet and exercise is not dropping it any further, you're probably done. You don't need to have six-pack abs to be healthy. You also don't need to perfectly conform to a BMI number to be healthy. Just my two cents.

Good luck though. More power to you if you are looking to get healthier.


it may work when you're on it (you're essentially starving yourself after all), but you'll gain the weight right back when you're done. just ask tim sabean.


@curtisuxor: Thanks for the response. I have been hitting plateau's over the year and when I switched up my diet it seemed to break them. So I hope that replacing a meal or two with a green drink will help break this one. But I agree, as long as you're healthy and you feel good who cares about the six pack (besides the Mrs). Thanks for the suggestions and wishes!

@pinchecat: I have realized after dieting for a year that without changing my lifestyle that the weight will indeed come back on regardless of what I have done. Tim Sabean is a TERRIBLE example! I am looking to replace a meal with a green drink, I am not looking to replace my diet with Crumbs cookies and cupcakes!


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If you're worried about cleanup with the Vita-mix, don't. It takes a minute-thirty to clean it after you use it and consists of you putting hot water and a bit of dishsoap into the container and running it on high for a minute. Then you dump it out and rinse it. Much better than a juicer.