questionsneed to replace my belkin kvms switch...


Monoprice doesn't have anything that will work for me. Requirements are:

Must be 8 ports. Must use my large stash of KVM cables (for the curious, it stands for the obvious Keyboard/Video/Mouse). Must be VGA. Must have both PS/2 and USB for the keyboard/mouse entries.

Prefer around $200-$300, but I'll be happy to pay more, if that's all there is.

Here's hoping.

Almost forgot. Company needs to be reputable. I'm not going to annoy the staff by listing some I think aren't, but we know who they are.

One of my Belkins is currently on borrowed time. I figure another month, at most, and it'll be toes up.

{I'll be back in a while. Today's a crazy day.}


I have been looking at these on Newegg for the past 30-45 minutes and I'm not entirely sure of what your needs are, but I would recommend going there. I have narrowed the search results down to 8-port KVM that allow USB/PS2 and D-Sub(VGA).

Here's the link. I think most of these fall into your price range, some even well below (but they may not include the cables).

Good luck!


@capguncowboy: Your search returns zero items for me. :-(

Gah. Probably yet another stupid cookie issue.

[Edit] Not just cookies, since I just went through three browsers. :-(

[Edit again] I think it's something about the link. I've searched, but I don't buy (ever) tripp-lite, and I don't want Belkin. I don't need or even want cables. I have cables enough for 32 ports (or more).


@shrdlu: This one is Trendnet. It has 4 eggs after 20 reviews. It's $107

From the results given by a narrow search, I'd say it's your best bet (as far as Newegg is concerned).


@capguncowboy: It only supports USB on the computer side. I absolutely have to have both. I don't think anything at that price range is going to have the connections I need. I had just been looking at that trendnet, myself, and then saw the usb only bit. I just retired my oldest computer, which had been in continuous use since 1995. I still have some others that age. I have others that are quite new. It has to be able to do both.

Bummer. I haz a sad.

[Edit] I'm almost wishing I could trust the refurbished Belkins I see on Amazon. Belkin used to make the very best. I wish I could get more of the ones I have now, but the current "Omniview" has nothing in common with mine.


While I'm thinking about it, @rlapid2121 pointed out this link, last year.

Is he around to answer a couple of questions? Yeah, I'm getting a bit nervous after looking around. I'd rather buy a 16 port that works than not find an 8 port I am willing to buy.


Crap, I obviously can't type. I was attempting to poke @rlapid2112 and transposed the last digits. That's what I get for not proofreading before hitting submit.


Do you want my reseller login to check it out?


@rlapid2112: Can you tell me whether or not the item you'd referenced fits the other qualifications? Feel free to send me a PM, and we can take it off line (that'll probably be easier).


@rlapid2112: In case you don't want to slog through the forums to find the link to the PM, here it is:


@shrdlu: I am soo woot-noob. I can't find PM's (especially in the new format). I gotta find somewhere in woot where you posted, right?

General Specifications:
PC Selection OSD, Hot-Keys or Push-Button with Buzzer for switching confirmation
Input Connections PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard Mini6F, 15Pin HD15F
Output Connections PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard Mini6F, 15Pin HD15F
Scan Interval / LED’s 5 - 99sec / Port Status LED’s
Video Bandwidth 200MHz
Video Max Resolutions 1920x1440 @ 60Hz, VGA, Multisync, DDC
Power Supply 9vDC 1A or 12vDC 1A Power Adaptor
Note: The bundled KVM combo cable can also be use to connect one server to the KVM switch if daisy chaining will not be use. KVM All-in-One molded cables are available in standard lengths of 6, 10 & 15ft. If extending the distance between the console and the switch, use C3P2X ext. cable.


@rlapid2112: Don't bother with the PM then. It absolutely has to be the type that does not use those all-in-one style cables. Crap. Thanks very much for checking back in.

[Edit] There's a reason why the Belkins I'm replacing cost what they did. I have many different kinds of computers, and some of them require a converter to turn into something that can talk to the PS/2|USB connectors, not to mention the standing on my head situation with the video converters.