questionswho gave a better address, michelle obama or ann…


I liked Ann Romney's talk better. I thought Michelle Obama's was disingenuous.


I'm surprised Michelle could squeeze a speech in between taxpayer funded vacations.


I didn't watch either. I could be a partisan hack and pick the FLOTUS who goes with my preferred candidate, but that would be disingenuous. Personally I think this is a foregone conclusion but I won't say here which way I think it will go.


Yawn. Their speeches are just cheerleading....they want their team to win and will try to say what they think you want to hear. In retrospect, that sounds a lot like the presidential debates.


I didn't watch Ann Romney. I'm a middle income earner and I really don't think she can relate to the average American woman. I did catch the part of Michelle Obama's speech. I thought she was absolutely inspirational and did an outstanding job!

That said, I doubt either speech will change anyone's vote.


Maybe you should've watched Ann Romney's speech and not assume Ann Romney can't relate. Did you know her grandfather was a Welsh coalminer? That her dad started his first paid job at the age of 6 and immigrated from Wales at the age of 15? Did you know he built his business from the ground up himself?

Ann converted to Mormonism and gave two years of her life as a missionary. She married young and had a baby while in college. She raised 5 sons while Mitt worked. She has battled breast cancer and has MS. She as a compelling story beyond marrying an accomplished businessman.

When you watch only one side you get only one side of the story. You passed judgement on Ann Romney based on what you think you know. Watch both conventions, many of the speakers and get opinions from multiple channels. You might discover someone isn't who/what you think they are.


@hessem: Just because I didn't watch this particular speech that Ann Romney gave at this convention does not mean that I haven't listened to what she has said in the past or that I know nothing about her. I have listened to plenty about her and I have not "passed judgment" on her based on what "I think I know". I have formed my opinion based on what I have heard her say in the past. IF I was only getting my information from one side then I would, indeed, only be getting one side of the story. However, you assumed that to be the case simply because I didn't watch her speech at the RNC. She has been in the public eye for quite a while now so I have had ample opportunity to generate an informed opinion prior to this point in time!