questionsis donnie darko the sequel to "a christmas story"?


And the last time you saw the sun was........?


The sequel to "A Christmas Story" was "My Summer Vacation" (1994). I don't think "Donnie Darko" was taken from Jean Shepherd's work, so it wouldn't be a sequel. There was "A Christmas Story 2" as well, ostensibly adapted from Shepherd's work, but the friend who saw it said it had Nazis in it, and Shepherd's work didn't have any, so it's a tenuous claim.


Last year I went to Cleveland to visit a friend and we went to the original Christmas Story house. We got a tour and saw the gift shop, it was pretty cool. Additionally, I was lucky enough to be there on one of the days that Ian Petrella (the actor for the little brother Randy) was there to take questions and meet people.

Ian is currently living in Los Angeles, CA, working at Starbucks. I went online to research more about Donnie Darko, and found that, even though some people think that the movie was supposed to be set in Virginia, Donnie's school is, in fact, Loyola High School, Venice Boulevard, midtown Los Angeles, CA. This might have something to do with the fact that Donnie Darko was filmed in Los Angeles. Matching this with the timetable that I got from Ian during my brief conversation with him, it can be asserted that Ian was in Los Angeles at the time when Donnie Darko was filmed. Hmmmm....


tennuous correlation is tennuous, though mildly amusing

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Well now, that is quite a bit to ponder. I never heard of the connection before, but I see you are not the only one to have noted this:

I have both of the DVDs, so maybe I'll pop them in and do a bit of analyzing. Windchills below zero today, so I don't want to go outside anyway. Think my 12-year-old who is home sick today would enjoy Donnie Darko?


I know this sounds strange but I want to see where this analysis goes.


@inkycatz: It means I need to watch Donnie Darko.


I thought that "Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss" was the sequel, but that is the 3rd movie in the series.


@inkycatz: Too bad this question flat lined. TOD 15:44.