questionswhat is considered a "quality post"?


From the FAQ:

What are Quality Posts and who decides what gets named a Quality Post?
Our crack community team does its best to pierce through the din and elevate the most interesting and informative comments about each deal. And their best is very, very good. Turn to the QPs listed in the first post of each discussion thread for the cream of the comments.


I bow before the "quality" of you both.


I have 2; @narfcake has 230. What can I say that would make any sense? Ditto @cowboydann who has twenty gajillion qps. :-/


Around here a quality post is at least 6" in diameter, 8' long and pressure treated for below-grade applications.


@gmwhit: Thanks for tagging me :3

If i had to guess wehre most of my QP's came from it would probably be broken down like this:
30% Youtube video demonstrations and reviews
25% pointing people to previous sales on woot and discussions from those sales. (along with sumarizing some quality posts from previous sales)
20% posting amazon/cnet/newegg etc etc reviews/benchmark status for CPU's/and other relative information that might be helpful to the buyers good or bad. Also Summarizing reviews and giving an educated opinion on them
15% Product manuals and installation/setup instrucitons
5% personal reviews of things woot has sold
4.9% Making mods laugh/unrelated information (my first QP was posting the video: I am your grandma)
0.1% it's 3AM and Thunderthighs still needs one more QP before she can go to sleep :P

Haha Does that look right @thunderthighs?

I need to get back into the game, but Doctor Who distracts me so haha. All i wanna do is sit in bed and watch Doctor Who.


And mine are mostly because of terrible, terrible puns. Every once in a while, I say or find something helpful and that will score me a QP.


Am I the only one who added up @cowboydann's percentages to make sure it adds up to 100%? Had to make sure, what with this shirt that has 91% = 100%.

My QP count is probably at least 95% shirt.woot related. Go fig.


@narfcake: That shirt is absolutely 9% eyepatch!

ETA - I just read that shirt thread... and it turns out that I am not indeed the first person to come to that conclusion...


@cowboydann: Looks good.

I think everyone here has filled in just fine for this question. Good work, team!


Pressure treated 6X6 with no knots or cracks