questionshave you started your resolution yet?


YES! I have the standard resolution this year of staying in shape, but I particularly need to stay on it over the winter when I'm not outside so much. My husband and I joined our local gym last Friday and got a head start on the new year!


No, my annual resolution to lose weight will start, as usual, the week after New Year's, as the house is still full of holiday foods and I am too much of a miser to get rid of them and replace them with healthy stuff. Once I draw the line on misbehaving I have pretty good discipline, so I can let myself continue to party for a little while longer. Like most people I tend to put on weight in the winter, more to do with it being dark when I get home than it being especially cold. I just don't feel like exercising when it is dark out. I get home and I want to settle on the sofa with the dog and the cat and a sherpa throw and hibernate.


Yes! Fitness stuff & throwing things out, to get my house more organized.


Yes, but it was a stutter start. Jumped on the Wii-Fit for 30 minutes, then started playing Okami to get an "Upper body workout" that unfortunately lasted for uhh 14 hours.

Today will be different. Going to snag the Pedometer, the GPS, load up the Geocache app on my phone, and go see what I can find.

Then, I need to attack my list of stuff to do, including finish insulating the garage, clean the house, steam the carpets, do the laundry, etc.


I am back on my eating plan as of yesterday morning. I've managed to avoid the oreo balls, fudge, and cupcakes in the fridge so far. I think my chat with the scale yesterday has my head where it needs to be.
I'll start back to the gym by next monday at the latest.
The last cig in the box will happen today, after that it's back to cold turkey quit for me. I fell off the wagon on Christmas day, one week of smoking again has me wheezing and feeling like crap.


Yep. No cigs since Sat.
Going to try and start working out again this week.
Plan on starting my house cleaning/reorganizing this evening.