questionsanyone else have at&t's u-verse service?


My brother in Little Rock has it, and every time I visit, it's fine. No problems with the internet or TV.

There are so many things that it could be that I wouldn't even want to guess what's going wrong. Wiring, location, interference...could be anything. I'm guessing you've already had a tech come out and do some troubleshooting, but if you haven't, do.


I have U-Verse too and have not had any problems so far. The tv service and internet both work as expected.


I have it too and it rocks! TV has never gone out. Internet has never been down ever. It's fiber optics so I don't understand how the previous poster can have skips and pixels.


The last two times I had trouble, it was the connections that the installer made. You might want to double check those, sometimes a stupid simple problem like that can do it.
We have been been plagued with equipment failures, DVR, router, modem. On my last go round on the internet problems, they gave us a free upgrade to better service, and finally brought in different equipment. Since then, no problems. Before that, they would try to bill me outrageously for the junk they installed, even though it was breaking every few months. All of the installers have openly admitted, that the modem we used to have was crap. We always managed to get the charges removed, but it annoys me that they were trying to pull that.
But when it is working it is OK for TV, and great for internet. When our contract is up, I won't renew for TV, as I don't like their software, nor pricing, and I am just tired of their duplicity. Plus, streaming choices are improving, so it is just superfluous.


@picky it's funny you mention that. Last time the techs were out here we got a bill for over $500. They said it was because we tampered with the equipment and they had to fix it. :-I

If I tampered with it I would probably be able to fix it. LOL. They refuse to give us new boxes because it can't possibly be the problem. The only thing keeping me from finding a new service or switching back to my old one is the fact they keep offering credits to our account. They haven't given us much, but anything is good, and in the end just means more money for Woot stuff!

I guess this was more of a rant then a question. But I just wanted to know if there were a lot of people having issues. The telephone service is the only thing that isn't bad with U-Verse.


@whatsmypassword: It's not (usually) fiber optic all the way to your house. Depending on how far away your house is from the local unit you may have bandwidth issues that will cause pixellation and other issues.

That said, I had Uverse for 2 years (and still have the internet service) and it was mostly trouble free.


I've had it for about six months, and am very happy with it. I had one night where my picture was pixilated and unviewable on every channel, even after rebooting all the equipment, but I just chalked that up to a problem on their end. It worked fine again the next morning and ever since. I will say, while it's nice having a large HD channel variety, the quality of the HD is obviously compressed and there is some noticeable artifacting, but it's not bad. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the service. So, to the original poster, if you haven't already, definitely call the tech support and see if they can try to fix your problems. You might have a problem with the copper lines between their switch (where the fiber optic cable ends) and your house, or in your house itself, or something set up incorrectly in the connections.


I just got U-verse (just the internet part). It's hooked up to a brand spanking new house we just moved into (we still have contractors call once in a while to tweak something)
AT&T has been trying to get me to go bundled for years, ever since they started rolling out service in my town. I am still resisting the bundles because I do NOT want to go VOIP and the cable TV is in another family members name (if it was just me, I wouldn't have cable at all).

The only issues I have with the service so far is the equipment. They sold me this $100 piece of junk because they said my old DSL router wouldn't do for the fiber service. But I did ask for the "self-install" option so as soon as I got the thing unpacked I plugged in my laptop and turned off all the "junk" the thing offers... all I want it to do is bridge my network onto the internet. I already have my own locked-down-secure router and wireless and don't want to go through the hassle of doing it all again.


I have surewest fiber service, and they use the same box, remote, and gui. I love it, have very few problems, and would recommend it. (talkin bout tv service here...) for internet, it's straight fiber to the home... no need for a modem or router.


I have it. It wasn't my choice, but all I had where I'm currently living is U-Verse and a really really crappy reseller of DirectTV service. So, I have U-Verse. The positive of the service is the very wide range of HD channels. They have everything (more or less). The down side is that the quality of the HD isn't the best. The channels are quite compressed, so the general picture quality isn't as good as cable or many of the satellite channels.


@wilfbrim: That was my experience as well. I was disappointed in the quality of the HD channels. I cut the TV service and switched to an antenna and the increae in HD quality is pretty incredible.