questionsdo you purchase movies, cd's, games, other media…


Truth be told, I have not purchased anything from Amazon in a long time because their site has become a jumbled mess. It is getting hard to see what is sold by Amazon and what is sold by a 3rd party since several 3rd party items are now shipped and fulfilled by Amazon.

Also, when I look for a BluRay, I find there to generally be three or four copies but the description sucks for being able to tell the difference. When I purchased Avengers, there was a silver box cover, a red box cover and a regular movie poster box cover and for the life of me, I could not tell the difference. The specs looks the same but the prices where a few dollars difference. I said heck with it and just bought it at Target since I could pick it up and read the differences between the three versions they had.


I used to. If I have to pay an extra $1.01 for CDs I'm a lot less likely to continue buying from them. At those rates I'll be better off looking for my cheap used media locally.


In an off-topic note -- I have hundreds of old CDs that I simply don't have interest in anymore. Does anyone know of a good site to sell them to? I don't care if it's cash or store credit -- I just wanted to see if anyone had some recommendations. Seems like more places only want to give you $1 for a CD.


I find good deals on ebay and so go there. sometimes cheaper to get a CD there then download from itunes or amazon.
Only on amazon if 1. cheaper/on sale 2. can't find elsewhere
3rd party sometimes have some hard to find items. But think I only did that once.


@capguncowboy: I still buy CD's and for used I don't pay more than $1 each as well, unless they were just released in the last 6-9 months. Then I'll pay $2-$4 at most.