questionsdo you think "voting circles" exist in deals.woot…


Most certainly. I've caught and reported some here and I know other users have posted their evidence catching some as well.


If they do exist on Woot, it's pretty lame. I would at least hope it is a retailer doing it to try to sell more and not just wooters that concerned about their reputation. Sadly it could be both. Either way, it's pretty sad.


I think I found a small example of it here yesterday.
This also showed me that nobody pays attention to the sidebar on the right that shows similar deals.


Sure. It's a fact that I will vote for some people's deals automatically (for example). Oh, wait, that's not what you meant, is it? {For the humor impaired, that's a joke.}

There have been shills since the site went live. I used to report them. I leave that to others, now. Truthfully, it bothers me more to see the fake comments on things than a couple of purchased up votes. I also strongly disapprove of vendors who down vote comments they don't like. It just sets such an unpleasant tone.

As my reputation slowly fades (I'm not doing much to keep it), and I find other interests, I'm sure others will step in where I used to be, and continue to expose cheats and frauds. It's up to the community to police the site.

So it goes.


/votes for @shrdlu's comment from multiple accounts...


@shrdlu: I thought you were the law!!!!

BTW the secrete meeting was moved to 7pm.
The password is still the same for


@caffeine_dude and @unclefrog: You guys made me laugh. I love laughing; it's one of my favorite things. XXXOOO


OMG you guys got kisses from @shrdlu! unfair, unfair

@caffeine_dude: what will we be secreting at this meeting? :)
and i thought we all agreed to circle downvote @joshaw's question, what happened?


@caffeine_dude: Is the meeting still behind Wal-Mart?


@w00tgurl: Well, at least you kept my question less popular than the one about what people put in their mac-n-cheese. ;-)


@joshaw: that mac n cheese question is killing me. i want to post "hot dogs or bacon bits!" but it's been said a hundred times already
i think voting circles are more prevalent in sites or forums where people also chat, tweet, or cross-post on other sites a lot. here you might find a voting circle if you post a question with a link to a deal, calling out attention to a deal either positively or negatively.
or people getting into a routine, like if they always upvote a tanga tshirt from @miquinn, then they might upvote other stuff from the same user because they're used to it?

i've seen obvious commenting circles like several "this is great. buy now!!". most of those commenting don't have voting rights yet and probably aren't interested in buying anything to get them


@w00tgurl: c: someone said my name! This means I'm popular! yeee


@w00tgurl: Before I wander off to other things this evening, I just wanted to say this:




I probably end up demonstrating some kind of "circle jerk" voting just because I often check up on certain users. However, I counter-balance this by voting on fresh deals regardless of username.


funny funny, lot's of laughs above ;)