questionswhat is your favorite retro-tech?


The closest thing I can think of is my TI-85 from high school. Wow...I've had that thing for 20 years?! Anyway, I don't believe I have any of my old tech stuff, so I'm gonna fudge the rules a bit and say fountain pens. I love 'em. Some days I carry a Sheaffer, others my Montblanc, and sometimes a disposable Pilot Varsity. I can't even explain it...they're just fun to write with.


I had a TI-85 signed by James Doohan - Scottie, but it was stolen out of my car in the 90's. I still have the data cables to connect to the serial port to download programs.


My HP 48SX calc with Equation Solver card and Periodic Table card.

That thing got me through college, and it was (and still is) the best calculator I've ever used. Shame they don't make them like that anymore. Built like a truck.

2nd Place goes to my 1950s era Kitchenaid mixer. Motor's been replaced a few times, but the gears and parts are still going strong since my mother's mother bought it for her.


I probably would have said my SNES if I hadn't sold it for rent a few years back :(

Now, I'd probably go with my shaving stuff -- double-edged safety razor, badger brush, and mentholated eucalyptus shave soap. Barely takes longer than new-school shaving, and feels great.


My favorite is my Vextrex, the most unique video game console ever made. And it still works just like it did 30 years ago, unlike many other consoles I've owned.


I just had to give up on my 11 year old Sony Viao desktop, it's power supply failed and the repair shop wanted too much to fix it. But I haven't completely given up on it as a friend of mine has one he thinks will work so the computer is just sidelined awaiting possible repair. I also have a couple of 8 year old laptops still in service. I got the microwave in the gaming room as a wedding gift in 1990 and it works just as well as the day I bought it. It's probably the oldest piece of electronics I have.

But my coolest piece of retro tech is the antique rotary dial phone in the gaming room. I got rid of my land line so it isn't in use any more but it's perfectly functional.


I'll go with old fashioned twisted pair copper wire telephone service. Cellular phone service is actually quite inferior telephony quality. I cannot tell you how much I hate the stutter of a cellular connection or the lack of true duplex communication. Instead, it's like talking via walkie-talkies, OVER.


I love going over my buddy's house where he has several thousand dollars of ultra-modern ham radio equipment where we can talk to people all over the world using the microphone. But he doesn't use the microphone. He mostly uses the Morse Code key.

Yep. Ye Olde Telegraph key is his preferred way of using equipment that could talk to astronauts on the moon.

I find that awesome.


My old Gameboy Advance, which I still use to play Tetris while watching TV.


I recently got into collecting old cameras (as I'm a photographer myself). I thought it was really cool owning some pieces of history.

Polaroid 315. 1969. The old school.
Minolta SRT 100. 1967. The classic.
Nikon 1 V1. The 2011.

I also came across an old video camera as well.

Keystone Americana K-773

I generally look out for these kinds of things at my local Swap Meet now and also eBay nowadays and it's my new addiciton. Also some of the cameras above were mostly from clearing out an estate. I love freebies!

I'm still slowly cleaning these out and will put them in a display case in the coming weeks.

I'm really interested in owning some vintage video games as well, such as the Virtual Boys and Atari game systems.

I also came across a couple Texas Instruments 99/4A computers. No pics yet though.


I used to have a Radio Shack tube tester, but it was lost in a fire



My spinning wheels. My looms. My knitting needles. When society falls I'll have marketable skills.


Darn, I forgot to include my foot-powered sewing machine! Give me shears and a sheep - I'll send you back a suit!