questionswhat do you think about weird al yankovick?


I try NOT to think about him. He's oddly weird.


I used to like him a lot as a kid. His songs are still funny, just not something I'd buy.

That being said, he's an amazingly talented song writer, singer, and performer and has more talent than 90% of the tools currently on the Top 100.


He's a genuinely nice person, and funny, all the time. I've been listening since the Doctor Demento days. He's really really REALLY funny, and without being mean. I have so many favorites that I would be up all night trying to remember them all.

Thanks just for reminding me that he exists. I needed the smile, and Weird Al definitely brings a little sunlight into the world.


I saw him in concert several years ago at the South Shore Music Circus in Massachusetts - he puts on a great show.

I too first heard about him listening to Dr. Demento. The ability to create a musical masterpiece from an accordion and a dude slapping the side of a suitcase amazes me...

Over the years I find my favorites to be his polkas - they're medleys of popular songs put into a polka style.

The guy is simply a genius.


Still hilarious over the decades. I've loved the guy from "Eat It," "Amish Paradise," "eBay," and a lot more.

Weird Al's "UHF" was kind of a crappy movie, but has its moments, along with a pre-Kramer Michael Richards.


I DJ at clubs, and I used to mix "Amish Paradise" into the original gangsta's paradise late at night back when that sdng was fresh, and watch as the people on the dance floor all stopped and did a double take for a few seconds.

Caught his live act last year at the california state fair, and I was surprised at how much fun the show was.


I just saw the lady gaga parody, he could make a lot of money just doing celebrity impersonations.


@lavikinga: Correction, he is VERY weird & VERY odd. Makes him fun. Love this vid:

It's Bob (as in Bob Dylan).


@rlapid2112: Oh, "Weird Al Yankovic". Yeah, he's pretty funny. I love how he leaves the "k" off of his name. I presume, so he's not confused with Michael Vick.


@loubriccant: i thought you were making a funny that his name was misspelled in the deal posting.


@rlapid2112: I was and I'm still building on that! LOL

I know, much of what I say is only funny to me, but it keeps me going. :)


@loubriccant: Oh, I got so lost. For your viewing pleasure (concerning the aforementioned M. Vick):


I enjoy so many of his parodies. Including some that tend to get forgotten like "She Never Told Me She Was a Mime" or "Nature Trail to Hell" (a song parody of all those dumb slasher movies).

But what I like the most about him is that off the stage he is a pretty down to earth and fairly quite guy. He doesn't do vulgar or stupid stunts just to get attention (like "Wardrobe Malfunctions"), he doesn't marry up to crappy reality stars, there are no drugs or alcohol binges or illegitimate children and no controversial behavior. He does nothing to make us think he is a bad, vulgar or crass person.

Quite the contrary, his personal life seems quite ordinary and by all accounts that is quite alright for him. I like that. He makes for an excellent role model and a person I can feel good about supporting with my dollars when purchasing his music.