questionsis there a problem here at deals.woot?


That's always happened to me since I started posting, but it does seem like it has gotten worse over the last month or two (or maybe i've just noticed it more).

I don't type extremely fast, but I am somewhat proficient. If I am not paying attention, I will have several "misspelled" words or even missing some small words.

I'd be interested in an explaination of what causes it if anyone has one.


@wnyx585am: I never learned to type. I have always used two fingers but doing it that way for over 30 years has made me somewhat fast.

Since I am not the only one that this is happening to I would think there is a problem. If you see it's getting worse I would think it should be looked into before it gets really bad.


I on't knw what you'e talking abut.


I've been seeing this, too, but have figured that I'm just making lots of typos. I don't generally proof read my d.w. posts very much. I've also noticed that some of my votes seem to disappear later in the day lately, both up and down votes (which I know people have reported before).


@meh3884: I too thought I was making a lot of typos. When I thought about it I knew I wasn't making them elsewhere so it had to be something going on here.

Wouldn't it be a great prank if the mods here are doing this? While we are typing they are randomly deleting letters.


Is it possibly bad timing with a wireless keyboard that may be running out of batteries?


@lichme: That could be a possibility for someone else who is having the problem but I don't have a wireless keyboard.


I haven't experienced any issues that I'm aware of. I type fairly quickly(~85wpm), but I also rarely proof read my posts, so I'm not sure if letters are being skipped or not.


It has to be some sort of focus issue where the text box loses focus. The proof of my theory: I've held the backspace key down to delete multiple characters and it has cut out part of the way though I still have the key down. I'm programming on the laptop on which I am posting so I would notice typing issues if they were global since all I do is type.


Not just you. I have noticed it happen from time to time. I also have the disappearing votes.
But I just figured I was tired or it was something on my end.