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I know this is a deeply personal question. Please do not share if you don't think you can.


I sharted in a class in high school. Until you do it, you have no idea how truly disturbing it is.


Only 1 worst day? I've have more than one; my 2 worst (and I'm sure many can relate) are the days my parents died. My Mom died young at only 55 in 1983 and my Dad passed away at 80 in 2004. Miss them both dearly. :-(

Brings to mind a line from an old Vern Gosdin song: "You don't know about lonely, 'til it's chiseled in stone". How true.


Yep, I agree with @dealseekerdude.

At the age of 35 I quit my job and moved across the country to attend the Dental School where my Dad taught. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer before the end of my 1st year, and then he died shortly into my 2nd year.

I don't even have a 2nd worst day. Nothing compares to losing my father.


I saw my mom lying in the street immediately after she was struck by a car. She's fine, although she has a couple lasting effects still, but that was a really bad day that affected me for years after and may still. This was 14 years ago and I have horrible anxiety. I would have it anyway -- research shows that it's hereditary -- but that day likely didn't help much.


Boy, I really wish one of my biggest problems was losing my cell phone.

My worst day was not when my father passed away. He went away quietly in the night, in his sleep, with my mom and sister present at the hospital. No, the worst day was when I saw his body (or "remains" as they so elegantly put it) in the open-casket funeral. I was ten when he passed.

For those few days, between his death and his funeral, I used to imagine coming home from school and seeing him when I got there. Every time we rounded the corner and saw his car in the driveway, I imagined he would just be there watching tv in the den when I got home. It hit me the day of his funeral that this was a pipe dream.

To put it simply, it was the day all hope died.

I just "celebrated" the 15th anniversary of his death 8 days ago.


I also want to add a thank you to @lumpthar for putting up this Q. I had a good, cathartic cry just now.


Parents have been gone for years, so that's not as bad as it can be. This, for me would be a tossup.
Got my hand caught in a machine at work, alone. Had to slowly pull it out(looked really bad, thought I'd lose it) and then go through the process of closing the building and driving myself to the hospital. Seemed an eternity, but in the end the damage wasn't that bad.
I'd tie this with finding out last year that I inherited the blood disease that eventually killed my father, only to realize the likelihood that my son and grandson will also have it. Mom gave me RA, the kids are screwed...


My worst day (so far) was when my grandma passed away.

I was dreaming about her the night she passed away. She was walking around, & driving. We went to Wal-mart to pick up some candy & had some great us time. In reality, grandma's sight was terrible & she & legally blind, & couldn't walk without her walker. Bless her heart, she would listen to the tv because she couldn't make out the images, & began to listen to more music.

Now when I found out, I was woken up from the dream I was having above to find out at like 5am in the morning that she had passed away.

I was devastated, because when we were little we lived with grandma and in later years when she didn't leave with us she would visit for prolonged periods of time.

In retrospect we all knew it was coming, grandma had been diabetic since grandpa passed away some 15 years before. And since I was alive she had, had 6 heart attacks.


To give an idea of her character....

Christmas was her favorite holiday, she would make a list and made sure everyone got a present... as grandma got older this task became larger. Because grandma would shop for second cousins, nieces, nephews, as well as her niece's and nephew's children, old friends, friends of the family, 2nd cousins. I mean if you were related to her or anyone in the family, you were pretty much guaranteed a gift. One year, grandma's list contained well over 100 people. Us grandchildren did most of the wrapping, as again... grandma couldn't really see.

She was also a devout christian, and very old fashioned. She loved solitaire and putting butter on various foods, never understood the latter.

Her legacy was her family, upon her passing she had in total 6 children, 20 grandchildren, and a dozen (and counting) great grand children (not sure how many nieces, nephews etc, that I know of, at least a another dozen people).


Not sure which was worse, the day we found out that Dad had cancer, or the day he died (which was a little over 2 years later), both were very devastating and life changing days.


Compared to some of your answers, mine doesn't seem quite as bad. My "worst day" also encompasses about the past year.

I lost my job, couldn't afford to continue finishing my college degree. Lost my home due to no job. Had to move in with my mother (who due to complicated childhood experiences I really don't get along with.) Spent nearly a year looking for a new job. During this time, I became severely depressed and started having semi-suicidal thoughts (sometimes I think that the thought of doing that to my daughter is the only thing that stopped me.) Started dating my best friend, then broke up with him because he couldn't handle my depression. Lost my best friend of 12 years overnight. He's still there, but there's this huge rift that I can't find a way around now.


So for a little over one year, EVERY day was the worst day of my life. Since then I've seen a doctor, gotten help, and things are better now. I can wake up and not feel as if I have to force myself to do basic things like eat or take a shower. I've found a new job, even if it is a crappy one, rented my own place so I can move out of my mother's house, and I'm making a outline of what goals I want to meet for the next 5 years. Things aren't perfect, but they're better.


The worst day of my life was January 1 of this year... My roommate snapped, went insane, and tried to kill me around 1 AM. Had some fun PTSD dealing with that.


Like others here, my worst days revolved around death. Nothing else seems to drive home as effectively the concepts of helplessness and forever.


Both of my parents are still alive, so this is not the worst day of my life (yet, will be sometime in the future).

My worst day was when I had an infected ingrown toenail torn out. I was 10 years old and had serious issues with a nail that dug really deep in to the nail bed. In order to numb it they had to inject with a local numbing agent, but because the infection was so bad the numbing agent did not work at all. Nothing beats the experience of having needles and nails forcefully being ripped out while you are fully aware and feeling every prick.

Unfortunately the two toes that they were working on were not fixed 100% correctly so I still have issues with them. On my left foot I had the big toe nail taken off completely. On my right big toe I had a 2mm line or so cut to prevent it from digging it. It will keep digging in until the nail is probably removed as well.


Thankfully I haven't had it as bad as some of you. So far my worst day was when I had to spend a week in jail starting at the moment of sentencing. Thankfully I was released after a few days because of overcrowding.


@hackman2007: I don't know if it would help in your case, but I get a pedicure about every six weeks and the pedicurist takes care of the ingrown toenails. Cheaper for me than a podiatrist.


You guys just don't understand.