questionsdoes anyone have an idea on why my deal was…


Is it a deal that's active right now, or is a future deal? "Future" deals are prohibited. Did it involve going to someone's FB page? Not permitted. Were guests required to pay for their room using BuckyBalls? Banned.

Other than those possibilities, and given the relatively limited info you provided, I haven't a clue.


Active now, no FB page, 3 was an option but not required.

All it was was a promo code to use on the hotels online booking system for super cheap rates. Normally I wouldn't care, but I hadn't posted a deal in months so I decided to get back in the game... and 2 minutes later it gets zapped! Not the best "welcome back!" :)


Did you offend someone? Are you a spamming troll?
I've got nothing.


This site really isn't great for posting deals anymore.

Ask the community is the last fun part IMHO.