questionswhat is your favorite fast food item?


Crunchy Taco at Taco Bell


Wendy's apple pecan chicken salad


Crave Case of White Castle sliders :) (w/ Cheese)


dominos pan pizza with extra sauce and ham.
closely followed by chili cheese fries at der Wienerschniztzel.
Onion rings at BK.
mcnuggets at McD.
plain old soft tacos at taco bell.
Chili cheese fries at Del taco.
mashed potatoes and gravy at KFC.
Western bacon cheeseburger at CarlsJr/Hardees.
Teriyaki chicken at Panda Express.
plain grilled sourdough jack at jack-in-the-crack.
Chocolate shake at In-n-out (hate their fries, though, so I barely ever go there).
Ham-n-cheese (a #2) on white at ToGo's.

can't stand subway or arby's... yuck.


If a Burger King Original Chicken Sandwich is FRESH and HOT they are fantastic. But as soon as they get cold they dry out and taste like turkey ass.

Yes, I have tasted turkey ass.


I used to love me a good White Castle.

Dang, them were the days.


tacobell - matter what i get i always add a meximelt or two.


pretty much anything deep fried. especially after a night out


Short and sweet version: Portillos Chicago Style hotdog.

Long Version:
My preferences have changed so much over the years I have no idea what I like. Makes things interesting whenever I go for fast food.

Used to love McChicken, but I think they do it different between US and Canada, because I don't like it in the US (haven't dont extensive sampling to prove this theory though). Nowadays if I am at McDs I'll go for a standard big mac. Similarly I'll get a Whopper at BK (or maybe a couple of whopper jrs).

Wendys has the Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, which I could eat a million of.

Culver's Butterburgers are pretty darn amazing (but the only location within like 150 miles has terrible service and food quality issues specific to it).

Finally, if I had to pick an alternative food item, it would be a "wreck" from Potbelly's, and if no Potbelly's is available, then the Quiznos Honey Bacon Club sandwich.

Oh, and for dessert; a Blizzard, duh.


My favorite I CAN'T get: A nice In-N-Out burger and a shake.
My favorite I CAN get: When fresh and prepared to perfection, nothing beats a Big Mac, McDonald's french fries and a Coke.

My work is done here.


McD's single hamburger
BK Whopper
Arby's Max
McD's fries
Arby's onion rings


Shamrock Shake is the sweet yet minty nectar of the gods.


I recently had a Hand-Breaded-Jalapeno-Chicken-Sandwich from Hardees. Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster, it was awesome. I'm sold.


A classic chicken burrito from el pollo loco. Shredded chicken, beans, rice and cheese. So good!


Big Mac from McD's!

I always get the meal, and never finish the fries, lol!~ I have a craving!


McRib. For all its processed saucy goodness.


@coondogg97: Thanks, I was going to ask.

To me fast food is a gamble. I like steak n cheeze at sub way, but if they do not put the right amount of ingredients on it, not so much. Quiznos careful or they drown the sandwich in flavored liquid. I like the plain un-breaded chicken, but too cold and no thank you. Fries must be hot and crispy...
Jimmy Johns was bad. I tried it because so many here said they liked it.
For me Quiznos does it right most of the time.


Five Guys burger, with the works.


the ONLY proper sauce for chicken McNuggets is sweet & sour

....ranch.... as if...


@frosty2469: ohh five guys, so good, but i can feel my arteries clogging just thinking about it...


Jack in the Box: 2 tacos and 3 stuffed jalapenos

I know I was supposed to pick 1 thing, but I always get this combo when I go.


Taco Bell 7-Layer Burrito


Double double, animal style - In N Out
Chicken Club w/Santa Fe Sauce - Carl's Jr
Chili Cheese Dog - Weinerschnitzel
I really miss all of those, we don't have any of them here.

Here? Regular fast food is bleh. But there's a drive in burger joint open in summer - their cheeseburgers are pretty dang yummy.


A Carl's Jr. Breakfast Combo with OJ for me, please!


Does a COFFEE count? If so, I'd say strong, dark roast coffee without a doubt!


@mattysc: My Hero !

The only sane foodie here.


@countdown: You had me at Portillo's but lost me with the hot dog. It's all about the Italian beef!

Portillo's Big Beef, extra hot peppers, dipped.

YES, YES, YES. I make sure to fly back to Chicago at least once a year just to be able to order this. We've done the mail order Italian beef from Portillo's, but it's just not the same.


@90mcg112: haha ya ive always been tempted by their mail order system but never pulled the trigger. and i was totally thinking the italian beef at the same time I wrote that post as the other top choice, guess its just down to personal preference (and mood). And what about those beef n cheddar croissants eh?

I only make it to chicago every couple of months now, but I definitely hit up portillos almost every time I go.


We all know that the best fast food item is the Popeye's 3 piece tenders with cajun fries and a biscuit with blackened ranch dipping sauce for only $4.99


Anybody ever have a burrito from Pancheros? I don't think it's a widespread chain but it's fantastic.

I'm also really liking the Cantina menu stuff from Taco Bell.

And I will second the Shamrock Shake comment. Mmm.


McNugget's with sweet & sour. Although I miss the old dark & white meat mixed nuggets before they went all white. They had more flavor and were more moist.