questionswere you met with any pleasant surprises this…


That's sweet! My hubs picked up a string of pearls that I linked him to, over 6 months ago - and he hung on to them until I forgot about them! I got pearls for Christmas. (fresh water, cultivated, natural, but really awesomely pretty)
I also got to wake up to my favorite person in the world, 2 dogs that think I made the sun shine, and messages from family - that's all a pretty kick ass start to my day.


My son got me a truly unattractive cat necklace, but my husband reports that he spent forever trying to pick out the most perfect gift possible for me, and insisted that he take as long as neccesary to find just the right thing because I deserved a really good gift. I think my grinchy heart grew two sizes.


I got to see/talk to my brother and nearly-six-months-old niece on Skype. They live in South Korea. This is only the 2nd time we've been able to get it all worked out to do this.


Hubby got me a DS player with Super Mario Bros even tho he told everyone not to cause I find the games so addicting. Been playing for 3 hours and have pounding headache, but smiling!


@mrsbeny: It's not that bad, really, just not quite my style.

Looks kinda like this:

But it was really sweet that he tried so hard, and because of that, I love it. A lot.


My family actually managed to get me mostly stuff from the list I wrote out. Plus a few goodies they thought I'd like. My mom got me some jeans, which is good, I currently only have a couple pair that fit and aren't ripped or otherwise falling apart.

And my dad, without his girlfriends help actually bought me an interesting looking beaded bracelet weaving kit. Should be interesting. I've gotten big into beading recently too. Amazing that he paid attention!


Every year I try to surprise ppl w/ unusual gifts. This year I was topped. A bro gave me a pair of handerpants! What a hoot!


@pamfenway: those are amazing!!

I was floored by my granddaughter's responses to her gifts. She was equally excited by the socks and underwear I hid her iPad under as she was the iPad itself (and by that I mean she was overwhelmed with joy over socks and underwear). Even though we do spoil her, it is great to see that she is truly appreciative of all the little things and doesn't expect anything. The first thing she opened from Santa was a small pack of playdough and she decided that it was the "best Christmas ever" (and she isn't even that big of a playdough fan). She would have been happy if that was her only present.


@pamfenway: Thanks for the link~bought 2 for gifts next year.