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This happens now and then. It'll pass. Thanks for making this question, though, so I can remind people that commenting on questions/deals posted, or responding to comment spam, just makes more work for the cleanup crew.

These folks have been especially busy, and I'm sure someone's not having a good time right at the moment. I'll try to find the specific quotes from folks like @thunderthighs and @faughtey (to name a couple) that have mentioned this.

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Direct from our friend, Ms ThunderThighs herself.


In my limited time here I almost never see this. Unless things change, just block the spammer.


@shrdlu: Thanks for being so helpful and trying to help us make staff's lives a little easier (or less difficult?).

Another question that would be good to know the answer to: by tattling on multiples of the spammer's deals are we just making more work for staff? Should we just tattle on one of their deals, leave a note that they're spamming up the site, and then let staff do the cleaning up? I don't want to be the jerk that's making staff click through a bunch tattle emails if it's not necessary.


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@kristiwsu: This is a very good question. I'd suggest that when you see one comment/deal/question, a tattle is good. When it's an overwhelming pattern like this, consider that there are nearly 800 people with black or purple triangles, which implies a potential 200-300 tattle emails, at a minimum. Make a tattle that includes the user, like this:

"There's a user,, who has made multiple comments/postings, including this one"

You can say something similar in the tattle, but simply providing the link to the user, from one of the places where that user has spammed, is plenty. Resist the urge to comment on anything they've done. Come vent over here, if you absolutely have to vent, but try not to name the spammer (we can ALL see it), and there's no sense wasting your downvotes. You don't get those back when the stuff's deleted, you know.


Personally, I enjoy watching he community shred these postings, and watching the downvotes build until they disappear.

I think imposing limitations on deals would be more problematic than just letting us report them.

@shrdlu: stoopidspammer made me laugh. :)


@shrdlu: Although I wont comment on them anyways, I don't think this applies to question spam. I think this is only in regards to people spamming inside of a legit question or deal where the staff has to remove the comment individually to keep the original post intact.

I believe the staff can remove the entire question at the same time. Either way, no need to give them any attention.


If deals.woot would tag deals that link to "new merchants" (merchants that are new to deals.woot or that the staff is altogether unfamiliar with) as "New to Deals.Woot" or something along those lines, I think it would help the community be more aware of what could be potentially a scam. Of course, some might argue that it would give new businesses an unfair disadvantage, but I think with all of the previous problems (dollardealsclub, onecco, etc), it would be really helpful. However, that's just my 2-cents worth.

@shrdlu: @thunderthighs' post refers to comments and answers, not the actual deals/questions. The reason is that they can tase and entire thread without a hitch. But if someone is spamming their website in the comments/answer section (like was happening a year ago when she posted that), then they not only have to delete the comments/answers, but they have to delete all of the following replies to keep that thread in tact.


@capguncowboy, @lichme, and others: I have some theories on why I believe it's not good to comment on the deals/questions themselves. Please note, these are only theories, but I think they have merit.

Activity is one of those things measured when pushing something to popularity (or top-ness, or whatever they're calling it nowadays). Voting down, massively, is useful for crap like the recently (and deservedly) maligned "onecco" but less useful for spammers, since they will eventually be deleted (and kudos to staff for the cleanup, as usual). I believe that you don't get the downvotes back. I think that I've tested this a couple of times, but it's pretty hard for me to hit a downvote limit (I like voting stuff up, which means that I usually have a tremendous store of potential downvotes, which I mostly don't use).

Back on point. When there are multiple comments on something, and downvotes, those are both still activity, just as "views" and (even worse) click-throughs.



What difference does all that activity make, you are asking yourself? Yes, you are, I can hear you muttering under your breath.

Activity up on one thing means activity down on others. The store is not infinite. Rather like reputation, it's fixed in nature. Don't forget that a deal (or question) is judged not only on its own merits, but also on how it does in relationship to thing nearby it. If you all focus on the multiple posts by a serial spammer, then those things near it have less chance of gaining the limelight.

Remember, I said theory (at one time, we'd have seen quick commentary from the developers on whether I was right, wrong, or somewhere in between, but mostly they seem silent nowadays).


I also note that whoever is killing off those posts is still working on it, since the deals, and comments on the deals, are still there.


I once suggested background checks, Woot! court/prison, and gladiatorial events to curb spam here. @shrdlu even thought it was funny, so it has to have some merit.


It seems to me that the DW community takes care of spammers and crappy companies like these guys on a daily basis, some of these companies have no idea what they are up against lol


I havn't found spam to be that much of an issue.
This is my suggestion for how to stop spammers and I am adding it so you can all feel better about yourselves because your potential solutions are probably better than mine. I think only I should be allowed to post anything. I will spamish all spam to Spaim.


Realistically/ efficiently? I don't see much you could do. Having trial periods or limits or requiring mod approval to post (even just for newcomers) would require way too many resources and would yield complications. Even if someone has to be around for a month before they can post, for instance, they can just wait out that time before they spam.

Additionally, that would be very discouraging to new wooters, as if they have an issue and can't post about it or ask, they might decide the community isn't worth it.

Honestly the best course of action is just to strike it down as it happens. Flag, report, tattle. If you notice a spam site or spam account, tattle it or e-mail Woot so they know to blacklist anything from the site


@shrdlu: "Am I good or what?" Of course you're good! Was there ever any question?


One thing I think would be helpful to everyone concerned about spam: If you tattle a spammy deal AND it looks as if you're awake early enough to be the first to tattle on it, please post that you've tattled it. Then I won't worry about doing so, thus avoiding the possible piling-up of unnecessary tattles.


Tattles: Don't worry about too many tattles Spam deals/questions. As soon as the deal/question is deleted, all associated tattles are archived out of the active list.

Commenting on Spam: If you want to comment on a spam Deal or question, I guess you can. Those get deleted when we delete the deal/question so it's really a non-issue for us. If you have concerns about a deal, be sure to post those for others to see and if it's a high-alert concern, tattle as well.

Just please don't reply to spam comments (posting spam deals as comments withing other deals). We can quickly delete those comments but we'll miss deleting your comments so they hang out in the deal and kinda make no sense.

Geez, I don't check the site for one morning and I miss all the fun. Looks like someone else got all the "pew pew pew" fun. In other news, I had a good time at the Dallas Comic Con.


@thunderthighs: Sorry that you missed the fun here, but I'm sure that Comic Con was just as, um, interesting.