questionswhere can i find a good dvd vcr combo?


Note... I want an RF output. KMart has the Magnavox one for $70, but it doesn't have RF out I just discovered.


You might be out of luck on a new unit that does what you want and doesn't stink. My suggestion would be to try to find a used standalone VCR in good condition at a flea market or garage sale. All the old ones will have RF input/output and will probably have at least one RCA-composite input. Then you can add pretty much any DVD player and run the RCA out from the DVD into the VCR so you won't have to do any cable switching.


Hmm.. hadn't thought of hooking a stand-alone DVD player into the VCR... not a bad idea... currently daisy-chaining my VCR into my DISH receiver... but that should still work.


I've been using a similar setup. My old VCR has 2 composite inputs so I connect a DVD into one and a Wii into the other and use the VCR mainly as a switch between the two for my ancient 26" tube TV.

I only have a couple of things left on tape and I think it's about time I convert those to something else since VHS seems to be on the endangered species list.


I know it's not quite what you say you want, but I suggest you consider a DVD/DVR combo, possibly with a stand-alone VCR for watching your old tapes. Since I got this one:

at Walmart for around $200, I haven't recorded anything on the VCR since, and can always dub my recorded shows over to DVD-R if I want to keep them. A bit more expensive, but I've loved it and recorded quality is great. Oh, and it allows you to use your separate VCR to play into it if you want to record your VCR tapes to DVD. It does have an RF output.


Q: Where can I find a good DVD VCR combo?

A: 1995

I keed, I keed.


Another option, of course, is to go used with Craigslist or its equivalent in your area, as these seem to be disappearing (VCR/DVD combos are no longer available at


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