questionswhat vacuuming do you prefer kirby or dyson?


Save your money and get a Shark Navigator. I've never been tempted to spend the money on a Dyson but I bought a Kirby many (many, many!) years ago, nothing special about it. Since then I've had a variety of vacuums which didn't do the job of picking up dog hair. Then I bought the Shark here on Woot and I can't say enough good about it.


@ohcheri: Yeah the Kirby has done ok, nothing special after the years I've had it. I've used the floor cleaner a few times but it's just too much hassle, works great though. I've never seen the Shark for carpet, I will have to check it out! We use the shark for our tile and has done well.

Thanks for the advice!


Just after high school, I sold Kirby vacuums for a while. I love them. At the time, there was not a vacuum on the market I put it up against that was better. The thing is knowing what not to buy with it, and knowing how to get the best price from the salesman. But, from my experiences with them, I'd stand by them that they are superior machines. They are made to clean deep in the carpet, and the suction is amazing.

I'd bet if you called your local Kirby dealer, they have a Dyson to do a test against, since your question likely isn't very unique. You can also see comparison vids on YouTube. Or, find someone with a Dyson and do the "salt test".


Hands down the Kirbys - and we have 2 Kirbys, 1 Dyson. The Dyson has been death on hardwood floors because, due to design, it has a nasty habit of allowing small bits of stone (hazard of the neighborhood) or kitty litter to lodge in the head, causing huge scratches across the floor. Never had that happen with a Kirby.

The Dyson has been relegated to the basement carpeted areas, only.


My parents had a Kirby when I was a kid I will admit that vacuum was a workhorse! I own a Dyson now and I think it is great! I would never consider spending the amount of money it costs to get a Kirby when I am just as satisfied with my Dyson.


@alpayton: As a former Kirby salesman I can tell you they don't cost what they say they cost. You can get them to come down to dealer cost and often below if you're adamant in your refusal to pay their ridiculous sticker price.

That being said, I personally have Dysons now and prefer them heavily over the Kirby. My wife hates, hates, hates the Kirby and refuses to use it at any time.