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If wooting a BOC is wrong, I don't wanna be right...


what does wooting a BOC mean? and I know what a "brigade of cats" is, i'm just confused as to what you are implying by "wooting" one. How does one woot a BOC?


Did woot clamp down on comunity BoCs or did someone post a deal to some other site's "grab bag"?

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This is kind of old news and has been the trend for several months now.

@soboehmer: I'm guessing because the purchases here are referred to as "Woots" instead of purchases.


@hackman2007: I come here daily and I have no idea what the OP is talking about either, "old news" or not...


I think this is in the vein of finding a BOC/Mystery Bag somewhere else, using "Woot This Deal", adding it then having it deleted.


@editorkid: I think they are just referring to Woot offering BOC's. This question is really confusing though.


This question is still why cant you find a BOC online then woot this deal thereby creating a BOC in the community deals. The rules say its wrong but since woot quit the BOC deals it should not be competition. It would be just Crap in a bag.


@mybestuser1: It has nothing to do with competition and everything to do with reducing fraud.

Mystery boxes -- which evidently includes non-Woot BOC type items -- is prohibited here. The prohibition began back in 2010 with a guy who offered his own mystery boxes on this site, collected money, and then didn't ship. And didn't ship. And never shipped. He ended up on the hook out in Utah for collecting $80k from people who sent him money for paracord bracelets, which he never shipped, either.

In fact there was a thread about him yesterday or the day before, referring back to a thread from 2010. Both seem to have disappeared today, though, or at least I can't find them. A google search for "BK Industries" will turn up all sorts of interesting stuff.

Anyway, mystery boxes are verboten.


@neuropsychosocial: Yes, thank you; I'm aware of that. Hence the suggestion to google for that name to find all sorts of interesting information.


Thanks for the answers. PS I bought something from an entity on ebay that was named BK Industries.


@mybestuser1: Be a sport and let us know what you get. Assuming you get anything, of course.


@magic cave: "Be a sport and let us know what you get. Assuming you get anything, of course."

Other than excuses.


@xdavex: It was wears ago and Ebay has not retained the records, they have even deleted the name of the seller replacing it with a #@deleted in my favorite sellers. I obviously received the item.


I think the item I bought from BK Industries was a programmable universal remote control. Considering how many remotes I bought back then it is highly likely.


@mlutz3 you should check out this thread in regards to your questions