questionswhat constitutes a "free" deal?


I don't understand the confusion...but I understand there apparently is a lot of it, based on the number of 'free' offers I see that have a dollar sign involved.

Free in this sense is technically an idiom meaning without charge. So if you give me a five dollar bill and I give you nothing, I got $5 for free. If I give you twenty dollars and you give me twenty-five back, I got a $5 'bonus'. A good deal? Oh yeah (well, for me). A free deal? Nope. The deal cost me $ doesn't matter that what I got in return was worth more.


Generally I agree with you. But there are some other deals that are along the lines of "buy this, get this free" like whenever Apple gives away an iPod with a computer.

I wouldn't jump to call those "free" deals, but I can see how the label would be applied.

Are such deals no longer allowed on woot?


I'm afraid that your question can only be answered properly by one of TPTB. Good luck with that quest. Wait.....maybe they are saving the definition as a surprise addition to the FAQ!


There are many who are enticed by a free gift, as if other chumps are paying for their gifts, but I was hoping in wootland we could eschew such nonsense. My concern is great deals are going unseen on woot because the person wooting the deal misapplies the "free" tag, and the deal is then not featured prominently.


I normally do not consider the "free" item as not costing me anything if I am required to purchase something else. However, if I want the "something else" anyway, then it becomes a 2 for one price, or buy one, get one. If shipping is involved for the "free" item, it does give pause for thought - a lot of thought.


@cfalgas: Yeah, that's the deal that put the bug up my *. I realize now that it wasn't utterly pulled, but it was very popular before being moved to wherever it is now. I think more wooters would enjoy such a deal, if only it was properly featured. Please let my people save.

*Wedit. Removed.


@mtw1057: This whole debacle with the "free" deals is just another reason I hang out on the "popular flow" section of the "Top" deals and not the "current rank" section, which seems to be highly censored/curated. I suggest all of you who are fed up with the censoring of "free" deals join me; the grass is greener over here.


@cfalgas: You get to see all deals as they are posted on the Fresh tab, under Most Recent. I've found a lot of good deals (that interest me) on Fresh that never show up on Top under either Current Rank or Popular Flow. Also, a #free tag excludes a deal from the Top, Current Rank tab and makes it less likely to ever show up on the Popular Flow tab.
See this for more information:


A "free" deal is anything woot staff considers should be tagged with "free", and thus removed from the Top Deals list, no matter how ridiculous the reasoning may seem.

This is my conclusion based on over a month of trial and error and zero feedback from woot staff.