questionswhy would woot tick off customers by sending out…


meh. i thought it was funny. it's just woot's sense of humor.

disclaimer: i am neither an atheist nor a theist. i am no kind of 'ist' except awesome(i)st.


senseofhumorless. I never though once about it ticking me off.


If you read the entire email, it says they did it to get you to open the email. It's to prove how tech savvy they are! They know all the hip tricks to online marketing! You're just mad you fell for it.
It didn't tick me off. If you're ticked off by such a thing, I would say you are insecure in your faith. Don't be mad at woot, be mad at yourself.


I would expect people to know that a corporation wouldn't genuinely send out an email declaiming the main religion of its customers, even without opening the email I knew what it was. I agree that it was not the wisest PR stunt ever, but getting up in arms over it is an overreaction. If you believe in God, then you know he isn't dead, so an email subject making sch a claim should generate no alarm. Now if it had said "Mom is dead", that would give a lot of people a painful heart thump because it could be true, and would be worthy of serious ire.


Just wow...

Sorry, but I think some folks LOOK to be offended......


@caffeine_dude: Nothing offends me more than people who are easily offended.

Of course, that might mean that nothing offends me...


Well, I'm totally offended that I didn't get the email at all!


@magic cave: I am offended by that too!

Serious for once, this is a troll question imhop. Sorry to offend.


@caffeine_dude: Even more serious.....I'm afraid some of these folks ARE serious about this kind of stuff.

Unfortunately, a sense of humor has gone the way of Chivalry and everything else.


@pstrnutbag44: I'm an atheist, so from a personal standpoint I don't much care about the email as it's been described. From a marketing/public relations view, however, based on how it's been described I think it's stupid and offensive. Or perhaps I should say it's stupid because it has the potential of offending a lot of people, which is something companies generally try to avoid.

For what it's worth, I also don't think it's unreasonable that people of faith might be offended by it, nor do I think they're lacking a sense of humor, nor do I think they're simply looking for something to be offended by. Religious issues are taken very seriously by folks who profess faith in a god, and I think it's poor taste and poor business tactics to walk that line intentionally.


@magic cave: I can see it being an unfunny joke. That; actually exactly how I see it. I'll even agree that it's not just poor, but even piss-poor marketing.

None of that makes what I said untrue in any way.
Sense of humor IS a lost art, much like chivalry.
Some folks DO seek out things that offend them.

IMHO, if the high road is sought, then the high road could be taken by giving the "offending" article 0% of your time, effort, consideration, etc.

Attempting to enforce one's own personal morality/taste on others is also considered to be, well, inconsiderate to say the least. (I realize you are not doing this, these are simply general statements in response to your well thought out post)


Why would you take a marketing grab as gospel? Just as I wouldn't go to church for bargain shopping, I wouldn't go to the mall for my religious beliefs.


@pstrnutbag44: I don't think it's a sense of humor that has been lost. Seems to me like an awfully lot of people spend a significant amount of their time in pursuit of the funny these days, including Woot with this ill-concieved email. It seems to me to be the #2 use of the internet: #1 porn, #2 humor. What I think has been lost is a sense of perspective. People take the slightest injury; be it mental, emotional or physical; to be a mortal wound.


@pstrnutbag44: Equality removed the need for Chivalry towards women.

Chivalry is the moral code where you protect or help people that cannot do it themselves.
Women being equal to men removes the need to protect or help them.

If you hold open a door for a woman only because she is a woman you are treating her as not equal to you.

You can still open doors for children or the elderly and remain chivalrous.

Also there is no God...


@spacezorro: Dig it.

FWIW, I pretty much hold the door open for anyone. Man, woman, child. Makes no matter. Maybe what I should have said was courtesy? ;-)


I take it back. I was not listening to my normal radio station. They had bla bla and the morning crew on. They were talking about this big party, and they said 'Zimmerman should go if he wants to get away with it again.'
I was not offended but that was in poor taste, and I could see people getting offended (like the party hosts, and sponsors.)


@caffeine_dude: Yeah, seriously poor taste. As far as I'm concerned, it's absolutely a toxic issue and will be for some time. On the other hand, radio idiots (especially drive-time radio idiots) thrive on toxicity, and it takes a lot of uproar before they get reined in.